June 08, 2019 

Another day, another year 

I woke up this morning and felt as though I had aged an entire year. All jokes aside, I got up this morning around the same time as usual, despite trying to sleep in later (I'm not sure what is up with my sleep schedule; it is near impossible to sleep past 6:30am here). There is a bus that goes every Saturday to La Ceiba which is exclusively for the hospital and children's school staff, so we got on that at 7:55am, and soon we were off. There weren't that many of us, but it was a rather enjoyable ride. About half of it is on gravel, and then the rest is very nice paved roads. One of the most interesting things about the road side shops here, is if they want more business, they don't advertise, but instead just place speed bumps in front of their shop. We got to La Ceiba around 10, where we all were dropped off at Walmart. The guy who owned the bus had to take it to the repair shop, so he went and did that while we shopped at Walmart. It was about a 1 hour stop, and then we all took taxis to a nearby grocery store where you could leave your stuff for free in secure lockers. We left our stuff at the grocery store, and then walked across the street to a giant shopping mall, which was two stories tall and had everything from a food court with burger king to familiar stores and brands and most importantly, air conditioning. We walked around for quite awhile, and the girls begged Dad to buy them things (he eventually bought a $60 jumpsuit outfit for Tevia) and then we went over to a thrift store (which was mostly imported goods from the United States) and then back to the mall for lunch. After we finished lunch, we walked back to the grocery store where we finished our last hour of shopping by getting more groceries. We then got back on the bus and loaded in for the 90 minute drive back to the hospital. It wasn't by any means a horrible drive, as the windows were all open and so it was really cool in the bus, but extremely dusty for the last bit. After we got back, we put everything into the apartment, and then a car showed up to take us back to the Ardinos house, where it turned out they were throwing a surprise birthday party for me. We played a bunch of soccer and ping-pong, and then they had chips and pizza and sweet tea for dinner, which is like one of my favorite things ever, and then we went swimming in their pool for about an hour before they had chocolate cake and sang happy birthday to me and also gave me a birthday gift of a t-shirt that says Honduras on it. Then we went back to our apartment and I laid in bed and tried to digest exactly what had happened that day. It was a really great day, despite having been halfway across the world. 

Waiting for Jana and Tevia to finish trying on clothes at the Thrift store
From left to right- Natalia (from Spain), and Caroline (from the Netherlands), and me
Josh's face was blurry in this picture for some reason- will find another picture later
Left to right- Joel (20), Anthony (16), Amanda (14), Me (17), Jana (16), Tevia (14), Josh (14), Adrian (12)