June 07, 2019 

Last Day of 16 

This morning I woke up and spent a little time getting ready for my day. I didn't have to get up quite as early as I have some of the days, but once I did, I went over to the on-campus church where all the men gather at 8am for a pre-workday chapel service. It was all in Spanish, so I didn't understand a whole ton, and I went by myself so it was a little uncomfortable, especially when everyone stood up and held hands for the prayer, but it was a neat experience. Afterwards, I went back over to where we were painting yesterday, and got started on it (however I was alone today, as the old guys had left for Nashville around 5 am this morning). I got the front of the building finished by around 11:30, and then Dad and I went over to the hospital cafeteria for lunch again. We got the favorite local food, baleadas, which are tortillas with refried beans, eggs, and cheese inside. Afterwards, we went back to the apartment to wait for Jana and Tevia to get back, which they did around 1:30 (they didn't have to ride the bus, as the bus driver had gotten arrested the previous day for underage driving). We hung out for awhile, and then hosted everyone for dinner at the hotel (the guest building with all the apartments) and so we had a nice long evening. Caroline had a guitar that she let me borrow which was really nice, so we had an enjoyable evening of food and worship, and then went to bed. I didn't go to bed immediately, but stayed up awhile reflecting on the past year and how I had done. Then I went to sleep. 

One of the last pictures I have of me as a 16-year old. and yes. those are mangos.