June 06, 2019 

Church Night 

This morning we got up, but didn't go to school today. I'm not sure what Jana and Tevia did, but there were some older guys from Nashville who were staying here, and they had been painting the past few days, so I decided to go help them. It was a very interesting experience, as they liked to talk and rest more than they liked to work, but rather fun to hang out with them. They quit around 11:30 when it started to get really hot, so that's when I quit too and went inside. We sat around until around 2, and then Josh (who is 14) came down and said that we were going to wait a little longer before we went to see a waterfall until his Dad got off work. Around 2:30, Dad, myself, Jana, Tevia, Josh, Anthony, a Dutch Midwife named Caroline, and Dr. Jason all left in a truck to go to a waterfall that was only accessible by swimming and hiking. We drove about 20 minutes into the absolute middle of nowhere, and then started hiking. It was an absolutely beautiful hike, through a giant gorge with walls of red and grey stone going up on each side, about 40 feet wide, a deep river winding through the middle of it and plenty of boulders and rocks to climb on. There were trees at the top of the gorge providing plenty of shade, with long vines reaching almost 60 feet down to the water. It was about a 25 minute hike/swim through all of this beautiful scenery until we rounded a corner and there was a 40 foot waterfall cascading down into a large pool which turned into the river. We swam in this pool for quite some time, talking and enjoying the area until it was time to head back, as Caroline had to be back by 5. We rode back to the hospital in the truck, and had dinner before going up to the on-campus church, where they have a church service every Thursday night. It was a really nice service, and they had music in English, which was some of the first music that I've really been able to sing along with since we left, as I lost my earbuds somewhere along the way. It was a great day, and then we went to bed and slept very well. Sadly, because of how you get to the waterfall, I was unable to bring my camera for pictures. 

The on-campus church