June 05, 2019 

Working at the Hospital 

Today I woke up about 30 minutes early, and had a very upset belly, so didn't go to school with the girls. Instead Dad and I waited until around 9 or so in the morning, and then went over to the medical storage room, which desperately needed sorting and cleaning. It was extremely hot in the attic in which we were sorting, so we took many breaks throughout the day. After we did some sorting, we went and met Mom to have lunch in the hospital cafeteria. There was a doctor named Jason from Saint Paul who had arrived the night before with his son after a few month vacation and was back to work for another year, and so we had lunch and got to know him, and then he invited us to come up to his house for dinner. We accepted, and then went back to the apartment to rest until Jana and Tevia got home from school. They were very worn out, and so we laid around until it was time to go up to Jason's house to have dinner with him and his son, Josh (the rest of his family isn't flying down until August). He made tacos, which were pretty good, and then we had Oreos for dessert. We walked back down to our place around 8, and then fell asleep quickly after. 

trying to sort the medical storage attic