June 04, 2019 

Tevia's Affliction 

This morning we once again up at 6 (it is hard to sleep much longer as it is so warm and gets light outside around 5:30) and got ready for school. We were waiting at the gate of the hospital when Tevia decided she did not feel well enough to go to school today, so went back up to the apartment while Jana and I waited for the bus. Anthony, one of the interpreters in the hospital who was only 16, came with us to the school so that we would not be so bored. During the first two hours, we talked with kids in the English class to help them with their English, and then afterwards we kinda just sat around and talked with Anthony for the rest of the day, as they didn't really have anything for us to do. We rode the bus home once again, and then kinda collapsed, completely exhausted. However, that night, Anthony's family had invited us over for dinner, so they picked all of us (except Dad who wasn't feeling well at all) up around 6, and they had made a shepherds pie for dinner, with cake and coke. It was pretty good, and then afterwards we played a board game with them. They then gave us a ride back to the hospital, where we went to bed.