June 03, 2019 

Back to School 

This morning we woke up early once again, as to ride the bus, we have to be at the gate by 6:30 AM. We rolled out around 6 and got all ready for the day, and then after a quick breakfast, walked down to the hospital gate. The bus came by around 6:40, and we got on. The ride was a very different experience, driving through two different rivers and a few towns to get to the school. In fact, we picked up both the teachers and the principal on the bus with all the kids. We hung out in the first grade class for the majority of the day, not really doing a whole lot. School gets over at 1 here because of the heat, with two recesses during the day to have snacks and rest. After school finished, we got back on the bus, and rode it back to the hospital, getting off around 2 in the afternoon. We were completely exhausted, so just kinda laid around for the rest of the evening, and then Dad made some tacos for dinner, but they were a little weird tasting. After dinner, we talked a little and then went to bed. 

Tevia sitting in the lounge of our apartment complex

My area... sleep on bottom, storage on top