June 02, 2019 

Our First Day 

It was a good, long, night of sleep, only waking up once. We got up around 8am, and had a bite to eat before being picked up at 8:30 for church. We went to church about 5 miles down the road, despite there being a on-campus church. It was a very interesting experience, with us going to Sunday School during the service with a bunch of kids that we didn't really know all that well. We fit in quite well apparently, and there were 2 kids in the class who were fluent in both Spanish and English, which made it much easier for us. After the class, we went back into the church building and recited a Bible verse (in Spanish) that the entire class had learned. It was very interesting, and then afterwards, they dropped us back off at the campus. We had tuna sandwiches for lunch, which were pretty good I guess, and then we sat around in the screened-in porch area as it was one of the hottest parts of the day. Around 4, we went for a hike up to the top of the hill where there was a watertower and you could see a really long ways out into the ocean, and then I stayed back and relaxed while everyone else went back down to the ocean. It was a really nice evening, and then I Facetimed with Hope for awhile before everyone came back and we had pancakes and eggs for dinner. After dinner, Mom and Dad went to tour the hospital, and I did a bit of my journal before going to bed.