June 01, 2019

Leaving the Country

We got up around 7:30 this morning and got ready to go before catching a shuttle to the airport around 8. When we got to the airport, we first had to go find our bag that they had lost the night before, then go check-in, and then check our bag, all before going through the busy security in Miami. There was a drug dog there, and I got told almost 5 times not to pet it, even though I wasn't even planning on petting it. We got through TSA, and then we went and found our gate. We sat there for only a few minutes before boarding started, and then it was a very easy flight to Roatan Honduras. We landed there and then got off the plane and went through customs. After we got all checked out, they let us officially enter the country where we got tickets for our next flight, and went through security again. After we got through security, we sat in the airport for awhile, where we had lunch (I had nachos) and then boarded a smaller 18 passenger plane for the mainland. It was only about a 20 minute flight and then once we got to the mainland, we met up with some people who were going to take us places. We all loaded into her small Toyota, and then went to the grocery store, and then made a stop at Burger King for food. After we ate, we started the two hour drive out to Hospital Loma de Luz. When we got there, we got all our stuff moved in, and then changed into swimsuits and walked the half-mile down to the beach. It was really nice, but not very refreshing because the water was very warm. Afterwards, we came back, had dinner, showered, and went to bed, as it got dark around 7pm.