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June 29, 2019 Driving Home 
This morning I almost slept past my alarm, but instead forced myself to get out of bed and pack all my stuff. I brought it out to my car, and then everyone who was still at Tabor from FaithFront came and said goodbye and they all prayed for me and then I gave them all hugs and was really sad when I left. I got going around 7:30, and stopped once for a bathroom about 2 hours in, and then again for gas in-between Sioux City and Sioux Falls. Other than that, I drove the entire way through. It was a really long day, but I got to Grandpa and Nana's around 6, where Mom and Dad and Jana and Tevia and Jen and Davin and Jevin and Enavi and Grandpa and Nana were all just starting dinner. I ate with them, talked for awhile, and then went home and tried to figure out what exactly just happened over the past week. 


June 28, 2019 The End and Beginning  We had to get up this morning a little early and make sure the Airbnb was all cleaned and everything was packed. Mike and Jordan had already left to go get breakfast, and then came back to get all of us and our stuff. We went over to the girl's Airbnb to have breakfast and do life groups together, and then we all went out and loaded onto the bus and took off. We went to this big church on the Kansas side of KC where we had a session, played some games, had pizza for lunch, and one last final session, before loading back onto the bus and starting the 3 hour drive back to Hillsboro. After we got there, we unloaded everything, and then the goodbyes started and it was really sad. Me, the people from California, and two of the girls from Hillsboro were all staying on campus one more night, so we went out to Sonic and then to a cool German restaurant with Mike and then to get shaved ice and then just hung out a bunch. Finally, we went to bed around mi…


June 27, 2019 Exploring Kansas City  Today was a really special day, because we got to sleep in. We didn't have to be over at the girl's Airbnb until 8:30, but Jordan, Caleb, and myself all left about 15 minutes before and jogged (uphill the entire way) over to the girl's place. We had breakfast and life groups, and then we went out for a walk to find a place to take group pictures. It was a fun adventure, and then it was over to our Airbnb for session, and then life groups some more where we got really deep with each other and prayed for each other which was really awesome. Afterwards, we all loaded into the bus and headed into the Power and Light district, where we divided up into our life groups and all went to different restaurants. We got to order appetizers as well as up to $15 for our meal, so we had quite a good time. After eating, we talked for awhile longer before going out and exploring Kansas City as a small group. Then we met back at the bus and went over to 18…


June 26, 2019 Time with the Kids 
This morning everyone woke up around 6:45 and we got ready before loading into the van and going over to the girls AirBnB. We had breakfast over there, and then had our life groups for about 45 minutes after breakfast. After eating, we loaded onto the big bus (our charter bus driver has been absolutely amazing this week) and headed over to Urban Christian Academy. It was interesting to watch out the window as we drove, and you were able to see very distinct lines where the living conditions changed. We got to the school and met with Kalie George again (or Miss Kalie) as she was called in the school, and then we went out and spent an hour of recess with the kids (who were completely adorable). We then divided up into groups, with my group heading out to play capture the flag with the kids. We had a lot of fun, and so did they, and then we ate lunch with them before doing a bunch of cleaning, both in the neighborhood and in the school. Finally, we had a …


June 25, 2019 Kansas City Day  This morning I got up once again at 6:30am because we had to pack and get everything out of the town houses before breakfast. I successfully got most everything packed, and then went and spent some time outside before breakfast. We had hash browns and eggs for breakfast, and then small group time for an hour where we read the Bible, talked, journaled, and prayed. Afterwards we went to the LCR for a session about our Multicultural self, which was very interesting. We then had a break before going to play a game about different cultures, where we were in groups and told to be different cultures and then interact with the other cultures. It was very fun, very awkward, and very hilarious. Afterwards we went and had lunch, and then brought all of our stuff out to the bus, and took off for Kansas City. We got into the city after about 3 hours, and went to the girls air BNb first, before going to the guys where we got settled before going to a Mexican restaurant…


June 24, 2019 Everything I Know is Wrong 
This morning I thought we had to be at breakfast at 7, so I got up at 6:30 to get ready, but then it turned out breakfast wasn't actually until 7:30, so instead I went outside and sat on the sidewalk with Caleb and we did devotions together for about 20 minutes. Everyone eventually came out for breakfast, and so we went and had egg bake and it was alright. Then we went and had our small group time for an hour where we read the Bible, reflected, talked, and prayed. Afterwards, we went back to the LCR and had our first session with a guy named Kyle who was talking about our calling and what exactly that is. Then, we went on to a speaker named Trent, who was talking about strengths. It was absolutely fascinating, and he knew all sorts of things about us just from watching us throughout the day. We had lunch, and then more stuff from Trent about strengths and then we played this game where we were sorted into groups, and we didn't realize t…


June 23, 2019 FaithFront Day 1 
I woke up this morning with two strangers in my room. It was a little weird, so I just went to the bathroom and got all cleaned up for church. I went downstairs and got to know everyone, and then some people showed up with egg bakes and muffins, so the 7 of us (Myself, the two guys who stay in my room, a girl from their group who's staying next door, their leader, and the elderly couple who brought us breakfast) had breakfast together, and then we all walked the 2 blocks to the church. We met a bunch of people (including the professor who I would be studying under if I go to Tabor for music) and then went to Sunday school, which was a really nice class. The main service was also nice, and then afterwards we all rode back to Tabor in the van where they had pizza for us in the LCR (library conference room). Around 12:55, everyone else who didn't fly in started arriving, and so I got to see all my friends again and there was a lot of hugging and bei…


June 22, 2019 Road Trip ft. Me  This morning I had my alarm set for 6am, and despite the huge temptation to sleep in, I forced myself out of bed and finished packing, and then took a shower. After my shower, I packed everything in the car, Dad and I made sure the car was ready for a trip, and then I said goodbye and was out the driveway by 7:00Am. I had my Google Maps guiding me, with the destination set for Tabor College. It said I would be there around 5pm, so I figured there wasn't any point in wasting time and I'd better keep moving. I drove until I got to Watertown South Dakota, and then I stopped at the gas station where I used the bathroom, and then got a tea and can of Pringles. I drove for awhile longer, and then stopped in Sioux Falls for gas. Both the tire air pressure and check engine lights were on, but everything seemed fine, so I just kept driving. I stopped a few times at rest stops for bathroom and stretch breaks, but the closer I got to Nebraska, the sketchier…


June 17, 2019 Finally Home  I once again tried to sleep in again this morning, and succeeded in sleeping in a little later than usual, but not that much. After I got up, we went downstairs and had breakfast, and then I got dressed and packed everything and it was time to get on the road. We said goodbye to everyone (which wasn't very sad as we'll see them in like two weeks) and then got in the car and took off. We made pretty good time, although we did stop for bathroom breaks a little more often than usual. We stopped at a gas station at one point that happened to have a Dunkin Donuts inside, so we went and got donuts and drinks which was really fun, as I haven't had DD since we lived in Maine. We kept driving, and then stopped at a McDonald's for lunch once we got through the cities. I drove from that point until we got to Motley, and then Dad drove the rest of the way home. As soon as we got home, and brought my stuff inside and then took the scooter over to Grandpa …


June 16, 2019 Father's Day  This morning I tried sleeping in later, but even with staying up until 2am, I woke up around 6:30, and then laid in bed for about two hours until it was time to get up. We got ready for church and had breakfast, and then went to church. Jevin and Davin were singing and playing on the worship team, and it sounded really nice. The sermon was on fathers, and it was a really interesting sermon. Afterwards, we went to Culver's and had a really good meal together, and then went back to Jen and Davins. Jevin and I played Minecraft for a few hours, and then his other grandparents and aunt came over, and we had a birthday party for Jevin. After everyone left, we went to bed. 


June 15, 2019 Late Night Flights  I tried to sleep in longer today, but is difficult as we are still on the time of Honduras. Jana, Tevia, Dad, and myself all went out to the beach and they went swimming while I just went for a walk and sat and appreciated the view, as I might never see it again. Around 7:30 we went back and packed up at the hotel, and then Alex came and picked us up. We loaded up, checked out of the hotel, and made our way to the airport, stopping to take a picture and get one last traditional Honduran meal at a gas station. We got to the airport and unloaded, and then Alex gave us all goodbye hugs and then we went inside. We got checked in and through security without any problems, and the staff was extremely helpful (the lady checking my passport even wished me a happy birthday). Then we started waiting. Our flight had been delayed by a bit, so we had some nachos for lunch, and then as soon as the flight came in we went outside and got on. There was a lot of storm a…


June 14, 2019 An Evening in Roatan  This morning we were leaving, so we had to get up and pack since we were taking off from Loma de Luz at 7am. We got up around 6 and started packing, which wasn't a whole lot of work as we didn't have that much to pack. Everyone was hanging around saying goodbye to us, which was very nice. At 7, Rigo, Anthony, and Amanda all showed up in their car to pick us up. We all said goodbye to everyone and then loaded into the car. We stopped by their house as it turned out that Rigo wasn't taking us to the airport, but his wife was. We made it into La Ceiba without any trouble (they were slightly worried about political roadblock issues). We stopped by a pharmacy on the way to pick up some more medicine that is too expensive in the states ($200 vs $5) and then they dropped us off at the airport. Our flight was scheduled to Roatan at 2pm, but we were able to get on to a 11am flight instead so that we didn't have to sit at the airport for 4 hour…


June 13, 2019 Last Day 
This morning I wasn't able to sleep in because of some painful cramps in my belly. After I got up, I got cleaned up and had breakfast with Mom before she went to the hospital, and then I listened to some music while I cleaned up. Dad, Jana, Tevia, and myself all had a little devotion time. Afterwards, I went out and got the painting stuff ready, and got to work. It was long, hot, hard work, but Dad came out and helped and we were able to get it finished by about 1:30. After we finished, we cleaned everything up and then went inside and had a bite to eat before Dr. Jason came over and picked us all up to go swimming again. It was about a 30 minute drive, where then we walked about 5 minutes to go cliff diving. It was really fun, even though I only jumped off the 20ish foot ledge, and not the really tall 40 foot one. Afterwards, we went back to the hospital where Anthony and I went over and practiced with Caroline as we were leading worship at church tonight. …


June 12, 2019 More and More Rain 
We got up this morning and it was an absolutely beautiful morning. I slept in a while longer than some of the other days, and then got up and tried to figure out what to do. I mostly just sat around and watched YouTube that morning, and then later in the morning I went out and did some more painting. I went inside after awhile and had some lunch, and then sat around with Dad for awhile longer before going out to paint once again. In the middle of painting, it started pouring. I sat and watched the rain for awhile, and then went back to the apartment and talked with everyone. The rain let up for awhile, and so Dad and I thought we would go for a walk, but we only made it about half way up the mountain before it started pouring again. We found shelter under a garage for awhile, and then made a run for it back down the hill. At 6, one of the doctors (Isaac) came and picked us up and brought us up to their house where we had Little Ceaser's pizza for d…


June 11, 2019 Guitar Class 
I didn't get to sleep in quite as long today because Jana and Tevia were both here all day as well as me. I ended up going to the morning matience crew chapel service with Dad at 7am, and then came back and had a bit of breakfast. Caroline said that she was going to come over and we'd prepare for the worship service that we're leading on Thursday night, and so I painted a bit until about 9:30, and then went and waited for her. She came over to the hotel around 10:15 and we sat and talked and played guitar until around 11:45, getting ready for Thursday. At noon, Jana and Tevia both went over to the hospital restaurant to have lunch with Anthony and Joel, but I stayed back and tried to eat some of the leftovers that we have, as there is quite an abundance of food at our apartment. I had a few sandwiches, rested for a little while, and then went out and continued painting. Anthony came over around 3:30 and talked to me while I painted. It started ra…


June 10, 2019 Boring Monday  I didn't really feel like getting up as early this morning, so ended up staying in bed until around 7:15. It was really quite nice to stay in bed, even if I wasn't really sleeping at all. After I got up, I had some water to make sure I was hydrated, and then went outside and finished up some of the painting from Friday on the building across the parking lot, just doing some trim. I got done with that around 8:30, so then I just spent some quality time working on projects that I haven't had time to do lately (gotta love the fact that all my computers sync with my phone so I can work anywhere) and then went and cleaned the apartment. Dad came back from working slightly after I finished cleaning, and so we had lunch together, and then Mom came over from the hospital as well and stayed and talked until around 1. Once they both left, I did some more cleaning, boiled some eggs, cleaned the apartment kitchen again, worked on more stuff on my phone, pra…


June 09, 2019 Spanish Church  This morning I slept in more than I have any other day. Mom was the only one at the apartment when I woke up (Jana and Tevia have their own studio apartment) as Dad took a 3am - 8 shift in the hospital nursing. Mom has been on call the last two nights which has been rough for her, but she's fine I think. I got up and had a bite to eat, and then we all walked over to the on-campus church for the 8:30 service. It was all in Spanish, so even though we knew some of the songs, everything else was pretty confusing, as while I can pick up little bits, it's not enough to really understand the overall idea. It got over quite early, around 10:30, so we came back to the apartment and hung around. I played guitar for awhile, lost to Josh in a game of Scrabble, and then worked on my journal for awhile, and everyone else went down to the beach in the meantime. The days get to be quite long when you're not doing anything, so we had a family meeting during the…


June 08, 2019 Another day, another year 
I woke up this morning and felt as though I had aged an entire year. All jokes aside, I got up this morning around the same time as usual, despite trying to sleep in later (I'm not sure what is up with my sleep schedule; it is near impossible to sleep past 6:30am here). There is a bus that goes every Saturday to La Ceiba which is exclusively for the hospital and children's school staff, so we got on that at 7:55am, and soon we were off. There weren't that many of us, but it was a rather enjoyable ride. About half of it is on gravel, and then the rest is very nice paved roads. One of the most interesting things about the road side shops here, is if they want more business, they don't advertise, but instead just place speed bumps in front of their shop. We got to La Ceiba around 10, where we all were dropped off at Walmart. The guy who owned the bus had to take it to the repair shop, so he went and did that while we shopped at Walm…


June 07, 2019 Last Day of 16 
This morning I woke up and spent a little time getting ready for my day. I didn't have to get up quite as early as I have some of the days, but once I did, I went over to the on-campus church where all the men gather at 8am for a pre-workday chapel service. It was all in Spanish, so I didn't understand a whole ton, and I went by myself so it was a little uncomfortable, especially when everyone stood up and held hands for the prayer, but it was a neat experience. Afterwards, I went back over to where we were painting yesterday, and got started on it (however I was alone today, as the old guys had left for Nashville around 5 am this morning). I got the front of the building finished by around 11:30, and then Dad and I went over to the hospital cafeteria for lunch again. We got the favorite local food, baleadas, which are tortillas with refried beans, eggs, and cheese inside. Afterwards, we went back to the apartment to wait for Jana and Tevia to get …


June 06, 2019 Church Night 
This morning we got up, but didn't go to school today. I'm not sure what Jana and Tevia did, but there were some older guys from Nashville who were staying here, and they had been painting the past few days, so I decided to go help them. It was a very interesting experience, as they liked to talk and rest more than they liked to work, but rather fun to hang out with them. They quit around 11:30 when it started to get really hot, so that's when I quit too and went inside. We sat around until around 2, and then Josh (who is 14) came down and said that we were going to wait a little longer before we went to see a waterfall until his Dad got off work. Around 2:30, Dad, myself, Jana, Tevia, Josh, Anthony, a Dutch Midwife named Caroline, and Dr. Jason all left in a truck to go to a waterfall that was only accessible by swimming and hiking. We drove about 20 minutes into the absolute middle of nowhere, and then started hiking. It was an absolutely beaut…


June 05, 2019 Working at the Hospital 
Today I woke up about 30 minutes early, and had a very upset belly, so didn't go to school with the girls. Instead Dad and I waited until around 9 or so in the morning, and then went over to the medical storage room, which desperately needed sorting and cleaning. It was extremely hot in the attic in which we were sorting, so we took many breaks throughout the day. After we did some sorting, we went and met Mom to have lunch in the hospital cafeteria. There was a doctor named Jason from Saint Paul who had arrived the night before with his son after a few month vacation and was back to work for another year, and so we had lunch and got to know him, and then he invited us to come up to his house for dinner. We accepted, and then went back to the apartment to rest until Jana and Tevia got home from school. They were very worn out, and so we laid around until it was time to go up to Jason's house to have dinner with him and his son, Josh (the r…


June 04, 2019 Tevia's Affliction 
This morning we once again up at 6 (it is hard to sleep much longer as it is so warm and gets light outside around 5:30) and got ready for school. We were waiting at the gate of the hospital when Tevia decided she did not feel well enough to go to school today, so went back up to the apartment while Jana and I waited for the bus. Anthony, one of the interpreters in the hospital who was only 16, came with us to the school so that we would not be so bored. During the first two hours, we talked with kids in the English class to help them with their English, and then afterwards we kinda just sat around and talked with Anthony for the rest of the day, as they didn't really have anything for us to do. We rode the bus home once again, and then kinda collapsed, completely exhausted. However, that night, Anthony's family had invited us over for dinner, so they picked all of us (except Dad who wasn't feeling well at all) up around 6, and they had…


June 03, 2019 Back to School 
This morning we woke up early once again, as to ride the bus, we have to be at the gate by 6:30 AM. We rolled out around 6 and got all ready for the day, and then after a quick breakfast, walked down to the hospital gate. The bus came by around 6:40, and we got on. The ride was a very different experience, driving through two different rivers and a few towns to get to the school. In fact, we picked up both the teachers and the principal on the bus with all the kids. We hung out in the first grade class for the majority of the day, not really doing a whole lot. School gets over at 1 here because of the heat, with two recesses during the day to have snacks and rest. After school finished, we got back on the bus, and rode it back to the hospital, getting off around 2 in the afternoon. We were completely exhausted, so just kinda laid around for the rest of the evening, and then Dad made some tacos for dinner, but they were a little weird tasting. After dinner,…


June 02, 2019 Our First Day 
It was a good, long, night of sleep, only waking up once. We got up around 8am, and had a bite to eat before being picked up at 8:30 for church. We went to church about 5 miles down the road, despite there being a on-campus church. It was a very interesting experience, with us going to Sunday School during the service with a bunch of kids that we didn't really know all that well. We fit in quite well apparently, and there were 2 kids in the class who were fluent in both Spanish and English, which made it much easier for us. After the class, we went back into the church building and recited a Bible verse (in Spanish) that the entire class had learned. It was very interesting, and then afterwards, they dropped us back off at the campus. We had tuna sandwiches for lunch, which were pretty good I guess, and then we sat around in the screened-in porch area as it was one of the hottest parts of the day. Around 4, we went for a hike up to the top of the hill w…


June 01, 2019Leaving the Country
We got up around 7:30 this morning and got ready to go before catching a shuttle to the airport around 8. When we got to the airport, we first had to go find our bag that they had lost the night before, then go check-in, and then check our bag, all before going through the busy security in Miami. There was a drug dog there, and I got told almost 5 times not to pet it, even though I wasn't even planning on petting it. We got through TSA, and then we went and found our gate. We sat there for only a few minutes before boarding started, and then it was a very easy flight to Roatan Honduras. We landed there and then got off the plane and went through customs. After we got all checked out, they let us officially enter the country where we got tickets for our next flight, and went through security again. After we got through security, we sat in the airport for awhile, where we had lunch (I had nachos) and then boarded a smaller 18 passenger plane for the m…