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May 31, 2019 Late Night Flights 
We got up pretty early this morning at Jen and Davin's and had cereal for breakfast, along with some juice and bagels. After we ate, we grabbed our last stuff, did some devotions with everyone, and then got in the car again. We drove to Chicago, stopping right away for a bathroom and then stopping again for lunch at Subway and McDonalds. We got to the airport in plenty of time, and found a parking spot, and then took a shuttle bus to terminal 3. We checked our bag, got through security, and then hung around for a bit before boarding our first flight to Tampa. It was a pretty quick flight, only being around two and a half hours long, and built-in entertainment at every seat. After we landed in Tampa, we found out our flight to Miami had been delayed, so we got off and everyone else found a bite to eat while I laid on these giant cushion things I found and rested for awhile. Finally we got onto our plane for Miami, only to have them announce that we c…


May 30, 2019Leaving
We woke up this morning, and finished any last minute packing we had. Around 8:30, we all loaded up into the van. Stress was running a little high as it was quite a big trip, but we got going and everything settled down then. We didn't have a whole lot to do, so I mostly just listened to music and left earbuds in so that I didn't have to listen to everyone argue. At Clearwater we stopped to use the bathrooms, get some donuts, and then I took over driving, and drove until we got a few hours out of the cities. Jana drove for awhile after stopping at Hardee's for lunch, and then Jana driving was rather stressful. After a few hours, Jana was done driving because it was too stressful, and so I took another turn and finished up the trip to Jen and Davin's. We toured their new addition to their house, and then got settled in before having spaghetti for dinner. After dinner, Davin had to go to a church meeting, and so we all had fun until around 9, when it w…