April 07, 2019 

A Very Long Day 

I was able to sleep most of the night on the bus, and didn't wake up until around 6 or so in the morning. We didn't have a lot to do on the bus, so I mostly played on my phone, listened to music, and talked to people. After awhile, we stopped at a gas station, and Joel and I were hungry so we ran about half a mile to go to Subway, and then ran back just in time to get on the bus. We drove a few more hours, and then stopped in Valentine Nebraska at a McDonald's, where I bought nothing, but still had a full meal just from other people buying too much food and not wanting it. We got back in the bus and played telephone-pictionary for awhile, and then we just sat around until we finally got back to Huron. We took all of our stuff out of the bus and loaded it into the van, and then we took pictures and gave hugs and said goodbye to even more people. It was also very sad. Then, we got in the van, stopped at a gas station for dinner and gas, and then took off for Minnesota. We drove and drove and drove, and everyone was really getting on my nerves with loud music and screaming (Hali and Gabby) and so I just put earbuds in most of the way and tried to ignore it. We finally got back to Detroit Lakes, where Mom picked me up, and brought me home around 11:30pm. I'm really sad that the best week of my entire life is over, but hopefully I'll see all these people again soon.