April 06, 2019 

A Very Sad Day 

This morning I accidentally woke up Bradly and Tobias when I got up at 6 to go hiking again. I met up with Kaitlyn, Kathryn, and Jadyn at 6:20, and we started out for Glorieta Lookout, where we would hopefully be able to see the sunrise from. We got there about 30 minutes before sunrise, so we just sat and talked until the sun came up, and it was well worth the wait. The view was absolutely spectacular and was the most beautiful thing ever. Around 7:40, we figured we should make our way back down to camp, which we did and then sat outside the dining hall until breakfast. We had biscuits and gravy, and they were super good, although a little greasy. After breakfast, we had session again which was about how to break habits of sin we've identified, and then we had our youth group breakout in which we talked about the session. Then Ron, Tobias, and I all hiked up to Glorieta lookout again. When we came back down, we were having lunch outside which was fried chicken sandwiches and hotdogs. After lunch we had free time, and so we decided we wanted to go on one last hike before the week was over, so we all got a group together and hiked up as far on a mountain as we could, and then came back down and I rested for awhile before playing Ping-pong and air hockey with Terese, Joel, and Jadyn for awhile. Then Jadyn and I went and got frappes in the camp coffee shop, and sat and talked with some of my FaithFront friends until it was dinner time. Dinner was good, and I sat with even more new people as well as some I already knew, and we all had an amazing time and then after dinner, one of the guys I was talking to prayed over me and then we hugged and it was great. After dinner we went to our very last session, which was an amazing send off, but also really sad. It was just a great time of praying over eachother and hugging eachother and singing songs to God at the top of our lungs. Afterwards, we had breakout groups, but I knew I probably wouldn't see my friends again, so I said goodbye to as many of them as I could find and gave them all hugs, and then went to breakout with my group. Afterwards, I loaded all my stuff in the bus, but then Ben said we didn't have to leave until 11, so I went and found Jadyn and Kaitlyn and spent my last 5 minutes with them. Then I ran back and was on the bus and we slowly drove out of the camp. We were on the interstate, so it was pretty smooth riding, and finally I fell asleep around 12:30. 

The early morning view from Glorieta Lookout

Kathryn, Hannah, Jadyn, Joel, Terese, and me on our hike

Tobias, Ron, and myself at the top of Glorieta Lookout before lunch

The sunrise was nice and warm