April 05, 2019 

Lots of Hiking 

I woke up to my alarm this morning at 6am, screaming at me to get out of bed. I got all cleaned up, and then met Kathryn and Kaitlyn (two of the people I had met yesterday) for an early morning hike. We originally were going to follow trails, but then saw some deer and just ended up following them instead, where we found a road that led to a trail that led to a really nice view of the camp. We met up with another guy named Zach, and then went to breakfast which was eggs and yogurt and some other stuff. After breakfast, we had labs, which were basically like super condensed workshops on particular subjects. I went to one on worship with Kathryn and it was absolutely amazing and we worshiped in a bunch of different ways during the lab, including through music, and then we had a break before going to our second lab, which was about songwriting. They were both super good, and afterwards we had lunch which was even better. After lunch, we had free time again, so we all decided to go hiking, which was super fun and took almost all of our free time. After hiking, we had dinner, and then another session and breakout groups before our late night options, during which, we once again sat by the fire. We hung out for awhile, and then I accidentally got back to my dorm a half hour past curfew. 

Our morning hike too see the camp (me, Kaitlyn, and Kathryn)

One of the many views of the camp

Jadyn, me, Kathryn, Kaitlyn, and Hannah on our afternoon hike

Campfires in the evening

Turns out I'm pretty good at volleyball

Porn Kills Love

Graceful like a swan