April 04, 2019 

I Met New Friends 

This morning it was quite nice to sleep in, seeing as how I got like only a few minutes of sleep on the bus. We had breakfast at 8am, so we got up and ready for the day around 7:30. We went and had breakfast, which wasn't super great but it was okay. After we ate, we made our way over to Holcomb (the main chapel) for the morning session. It was a really good session, and then we had our breakout groups, which was just me, Ben, Ron, Tobias, and Bradly. After breakouts, we went to lunch which was sandwiches, but like really good sandwiches. After lunch was free time, during which I went to the FaithFront alumni reunion, which was really fun as I got to see most of my FaithFront friends again, as well as meet some new people. Afterwards, we all took a picture, and then 4 of us went and played 18 holes of mini-golf which was very entertaining. Afterwards, I went and changed, and by that time it was time for dinner already. For dinner, Joel and I decided we should sit by ourselves and try to meet new people, so we found an empty table in the corner and just waited for strangers to come sit with us. Eventually, we were joined by a girl from Norway, who then had her group also come sit by us, and we all were instantly friends, after some awkward introductions and cheesy pick-up lines. After dinner, which was chicken strips, we had another session about being all-in for Jesus, followed by breakout groups again. Then we had our late night options, during which I chose to sit by the campfire with my new friends. We made plans for the morning, and then I went back to my dorm at midnight.