April 03, 2019 

Not A Restful Night 

My day started somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, inside a bus of loud people, with me trying to sleep and failing. I ended up getting about 20 minutes of sleep, and the rest of the night just dragged on, until it started to become morning and we all woke up. Our destination kept getting closer and closer, but we were running ahead of schedule, so we stopped at Walmart for a half hour, and then stopped in another town (named Las Vegas) for about an hour for lunch. Afterwards, we went to the camp. However, we took a wrong turn, and one of the two buses our group was riding on got hung up on a curb... eventually we got it unstuck with the help of some logging equipment, and proceeded the final mile to the camp. We got off and went inside where they gave everyone name tags that had the schedule, our names, and our room numbers on them. We then went and unloaded all of our stuff into the rooms. I was in Oklahoma Hall, room 5114 with Bradly and Tobias. I showered, changed into shorts and a tshirt, and then went outside where it had started snowing. It was cold for awhile, but within 20 minutes it was super warm again. I met up with a bunch of my friends and we all hung out until dinner time, and then after dinner we went to the main hall for the session, which was about stories, and how our life is a story. Afterwards, we had the late night party, which was basically a dance party, and would have been really fun except I was getting close to 40 hours without sleep. Finally, at 11:30, we headed back to our dorms and went to sleep.