April 02, 2019 

Leaving for New Mexico 

This morning I slept in to get as much sleep as I could, and then I finished packing, had a healthy breakfast, and loaded everything into the car. Dad and I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's to pick up Jana, and then after saying goodbye to them, we drove into Detroit Lakes where we stopped by CVS to pick up some last minute stuff for me, and then went over to the Cenex gas station to meet the group. I was the last one there, so I got my stuff loaded up into the van, and then said goodbye and we took off. We played a bunch of different games in the van, and then we stopped at Watertown to get gas and use the bathrooms. Eventually, we got to Sioux Falls in South Dakota, but we were there about two hours early, so we went over to Cracker Barrel and had dinner. Then, we loaded back into the van, and drove over to the place where we met a bus and a bunch of people. We all loaded our luggage into the bus, and then got on and drove two hours back north to Huron, where we met a second bus and even more people. We used the bathrooms again there, and then we got onto the busses and prepared for a long ride... about 18ish hours. Once it got to be around 10pm, some people started settling down, but it was hard to sleep because people were pretty excited. Eventually, it became Wednesday morning, without any sleep yet being had. 

The hamburger I got at Cracker Barrel