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April 07, 2019 A Very Long Day 
I was able to sleep most of the night on the bus, and didn't wake up until around 6 or so in the morning. We didn't have a lot to do on the bus, so I mostly played on my phone, listened to music, and talked to people. After awhile, we stopped at a gas station, and Joel and I were hungry so we ran about half a mile to go to Subway, and then ran back just in time to get on the bus. We drove a few more hours, and then stopped in Valentine Nebraska at a McDonald's, where I bought nothing, but still had a full meal just from other people buying too much food and not wanting it. We got back in the bus and played telephone-pictionary for awhile, and then we just sat around until we finally got back to Huron. We took all of our stuff out of the bus and loaded it into the van, and then we took pictures and gave hugs and said goodbye to even more people. It was also very sad. Then, we got in the van, stopped at a gas station for dinner and gas, and the…


April 06, 2019 A Very Sad Day 
This morning I accidentally woke up Bradly and Tobias when I got up at 6 to go hiking again. I met up with Kaitlyn, Kathryn, and Jadyn at 6:20, and we started out for Glorieta Lookout, where we would hopefully be able to see the sunrise from. We got there about 30 minutes before sunrise, so we just sat and talked until the sun came up, and it was well worth the wait. The view was absolutely spectacular and was the most beautiful thing ever. Around 7:40, we figured we should make our way back down to camp, which we did and then sat outside the dining hall until breakfast. We had biscuits and gravy, and they were super good, although a little greasy. After breakfast, we had session again which was about how to break habits of sin we've identified, and then we had our youth group breakout in which we talked about the session. Then Ron, Tobias, and I all hiked up to Glorieta lookout again. When we came back down, we were having lunch outside which was fri…


April 05, 2019 Lots of Hiking 
I woke up to my alarm this morning at 6am, screaming at me to get out of bed. I got all cleaned up, and then met Kathryn and Kaitlyn (two of the people I had met yesterday) for an early morning hike. We originally were going to follow trails, but then saw some deer and just ended up following them instead, where we found a road that led to a trail that led to a really nice view of the camp. We met up with another guy named Zach, and then went to breakfast which was eggs and yogurt and some other stuff. After breakfast, we had labs, which were basically like super condensed workshops on particular subjects. I went to one on worship with Kathryn and it was absolutely amazing and we worshiped in a bunch of different ways during the lab, including through music, and then we had a break before going to our second lab, which was about songwriting. They were both super good, and afterwards we had lunch which was even better. After lunch, we had free time again, …


April 04, 2019 I Met New Friends 
This morning it was quite nice to sleep in, seeing as how I got like only a few minutes of sleep on the bus. We had breakfast at 8am, so we got up and ready for the day around 7:30. We went and had breakfast, which wasn't super great but it was okay. After we ate, we made our way over to Holcomb (the main chapel) for the morning session. It was a really good session, and then we had our breakout groups, which was just me, Ben, Ron, Tobias, and Bradly. After breakouts, we went to lunch which was sandwiches, but like really good sandwiches. After lunch was free time, during which I went to the FaithFront alumni reunion, which was really fun as I got to see most of my FaithFront friends again, as well as meet some new people. Afterwards, we all took a picture, and then 4 of us went and played 18 holes of mini-golf which was very entertaining. Afterwards, I went and changed, and by that time it was time for dinner already. For dinner, Joel and I decide…


April 03, 2019 Not A Restful Night 
My day started somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, inside a bus of loud people, with me trying to sleep and failing. I ended up getting about 20 minutes of sleep, and the rest of the night just dragged on, until it started to become morning and we all woke up. Our destination kept getting closer and closer, but we were running ahead of schedule, so we stopped at Walmart for a half hour, and then stopped in another town (named Las Vegas) for about an hour for lunch. Afterwards, we went to the camp. However, we took a wrong turn, and one of the two buses our group was riding on got hung up on a curb... eventually we got it unstuck with the help of some logging equipment, and proceeded the final mile to the camp. We got off and went inside where they gave everyone name tags that had the schedule, our names, and our room numbers on them. We then went and unloaded all of our stuff into the rooms. I was in Oklahoma Hall, room 5114 with Bradly and Tobias. …


April 02, 2019 Leaving for New Mexico 
This morning I slept in to get as much sleep as I could, and then I finished packing, had a healthy breakfast, and loaded everything into the car. Dad and I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's to pick up Jana, and then after saying goodbye to them, we drove into Detroit Lakes where we stopped by CVS to pick up some last minute stuff for me, and then went over to the Cenex gas station to meet the group. I was the last one there, so I got my stuff loaded up into the van, and then said goodbye and we took off. We played a bunch of different games in the van, and then we stopped at Watertown to get gas and use the bathrooms. Eventually, we got to Sioux Falls in South Dakota, but we were there about two hours early, so we went over to Cracker Barrel and had dinner. Then, we loaded back into the van, and drove over to the place where we met a bus and a bunch of people. We all loaded our luggage into the bus, and then got on and drove two hours back nor…


April 01, 2019 April Fools Day 
This morning I got up and went to school, and it just seemed to drag on forever because I couldn't think about anything except for leaving tomorrow. After school, I skipped golf practice and Dad picked me up, and then I got ready and home and Grandpa brought me in to work for the evening. I worked with some friends again so it went by rather quickly, and saw a lot of people I knew. Then, after work, Dad and Jana came and picked me up and brought me home. I did a little packing before bed, and then went to sleep.