March 21, 2019 

The End is In Sight 

While today was one of my least favorite days of the week, today wasn't as bad as normal but then it was also kind of worse than normal. It started off with rushing out the door with breakfast in hand to make it to school on time. I was driving, so we swung by Grandpa and Nana's to drop of Jana at their house. Tevia and I got to school, and everything went well at school, and I even got to skip part of 3rd and all of 4th hour because we had a speaker at school sharing about her experience as a victim of sexual abuse and how powerful forgiveness was in her life. After school, I went out to my car and got my golf clubs from the back for the second day of golf practice. Today all we were doing was hitting 60 balls each, and so we did that inside, and then afterwards I took off and drove to DL for work. I only worked 5-8, and it went by really quickly. Afterwards, I got a bite to eat, and then took off and drove home. I worked on some stuff at home before bed, and then fell asleep. 

Some random truck driving by our house