March 20, 2019 

First Day of Spring

Today was an absolutely beautiful morning, and I woke up with a smile on my face (actually it was more of a grimace but who's keeping track). Dad had made us some stuff for breakfast, and it was ok, and then we all rode to school. I settled in for another long school day, but at least we only have like 40 days of school left, so the end is in sight. My classes are getting to be a lot and they keep assigning homework to be done outside of class which really annoys me, because I like to be done when I get home, but whatever. I just don't do it anyway. After school, I rode the bus home, which is always a bumpy ride because of the spring thaw, and then walked up the driveway, enjoying the great weather (sunny and 40 degrees). I grabbed my camera and went outside and spent a half hour or so taking photos, and then Jana and I went in to pick up Tevia from track practice. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat and home, and then went to the Nursing Home where we sang to the old people, and then went to DQ afterwards with Jesse and Rhonda and them as it was the first day of spring, which meant free ice cream cones. Afterwards we went home, and then I spent some time getting caught up on my journal before bed.