March 19, 2019 

Chloe's Birthday 

Today started out just as your average Tuesday, and I went to school and it was horrible, as per usual. Not in the sense that anything horrible happened, it was just school, and my spring fever is starting to get really bad, even though spring isn't till tomorrow. After school I went to Reierson's room for my first golf practice. We were just going over rules, which was kinda boring. Afterwards, Grandpa came and picked me up, and then I got cleaned up at home, before taking the car and heading up to Chloe's house for her birthday party. I got there when I was supposed to, but everyone else was late, so I ended up sitting and talking to Ian and Trisha for about 25 minutes before everyone got there. Trisha made biscuits and gravy for dinner, which were super good, and then afterwards we all talked and had fun until it was time to sing to Chloe and have her blow out the candles. I stayed a little longer, and then took off as I had to get gas in Frazee before I went home. I went to bed after I got home and had a really happy evening.