March 17, 2019 

A New Song 

This morning we got up, despite not wanting to, and went to church. We weren't doing music or anything, but we still have to be there at 9 for stuff (I think they should get rid of Sunday School). Anyway, the sermon was really good and Jesse was just on fire today, and then afterwards we had fellowship dinner which was also pretty good. Afterwards, we went home, and then Jana and I drove up to Eastside Church in Park Rapids, where the pastor there preached on the exact same thing! I think God may be trying to tell me something... they also did this new song during communion called Good Grace by Hillsong and I absolutely love it. Afterwards, we stayed for youth group, which was really fun, and I got a cookie because my team won in the relay race. After youth group was over, we went to Walmart and did some quick shopping before heading home. Was a really fun day. 

Mr. Kitty Cat

The song they did at church that I loved so much