March 01, 2019 

Friends, Deer, and Prophicies 

Today was Friday, but we didn't have school, so I got to sleep in, although not as much as I wanted to. Mom wanted to move a dresser downstairs, so I cleaned my entire room and moved everything around and stuff and I was really proud of it when I was done, plus I have a new dresser, with a giant mirror. At 2:30ish, the Glander's were coming over as they are thinking about moving into our apartment and wanted to see what it is like. They hung out for awhile, and then I grabbed the car and took off for Menahga to meet Chloe for dinner. It took me awhile to get there, and the weather wasn't the best. I eventually got there and Chloe and I had dinner at The Cottage Cafe, and then talked for a few hours. Afterwards, I took off towards Frazee again, but along the way almost hit some deer that someone had left in the road. Not wanting anyone else to hit them, I turned back around to drag them out of the road but sadly one of them was still alive, so I had to call the sheriff, who took almost 40 minutes to get there, while I sat waiting and assuring random passerby's that I wasn't hurt, but was simply waiting for the sheriff. Finally he got there and had to shoot it 3 or 4 times. I hopped back in my car, and went over to Harvest Church for their Prophetic Meeting night, which was very interesting, and ended up having a prophecy spoken over me. Afterwards, I went home and had a nice evening of sleep.