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March 31, 2019 Sunday Funday 
This morning I still wasn't feeling super amazing, but we were doing music in church, so I got up and got all my guitar stuff packed up, and then we took off for church. We got there and ran through practice, and then we had Sunday school. Church went well, and all the music stuff went pretty smoothly. Afterwards, we went home, and I didn't really feel like going to Park Rapids tonight, so I went downstairs and fell asleep around 5pm, and then slept really well until morning.


March 30, 2019 It's Saturday 
This morning I got up early, and got all cleaned up because I had to work. I wasn't feeling the greatest, but I drove into town, swinging through McDonald's drive-thru to get a chicken salad for breakfast. I went and sat in the park to eat it, but then found a giant dead fly in it, so didn't finish it. I went and clocked in at Taco John's, and got ready for the longest day of my life. I was working with friends so it wasn't that bad, but it was my first time working an 8 hour shift, so it got pretty long. Afterwards, I went home and laid on my bed for awhile before everyone came over for dinner. We had a nice evening, and then as soon as everyone left, I went to bed.


March 29, 2019 The Excitment is Growing 
I got up to go to school this morning, but it wasn't so bad because all I have left is today and Monday before I go to New Mexico, and I think I'll be able to make it through that. I went to school and got all my classes over with, and then rode the bus home. It was a really nice day, so I just relaxed for awhile, but then was extremely bored, so I changed and ran over to Grandpa and Nana's house (averaging about a 10 minute mile) and then rode in to town with Grandpa to pick up Tevia. Afterwards, we went home and had dinner, and then I went to bed.


March 28, 2019 Only 4 More Days
We had school today again, but it is slightly more bearable now, because on Tuesday, our youth group leaves for New Mexico, so I'm just counting down the days until we leave. School was boring, but I went home for lunch and got my golf clubs, and then we didn't do much, but for 7th hour we had an assembly about distracted driving, which I was featured in but had forgotten that they interviewed me a few months ago, so was slightly surprised. After school, I went to golf practice, which went by pretty quickly, and it's more enjoyable now, as I'm starting to get the hang of it again. Afterwards, I stopped by the bank to deposit some money and put a travel notice on my debit card, and then went home and worked on my computer until dinner, and then after dinner I did some photos with Tevia and then I went to bed. 


March 27, 2019 The Day I Fixed Something
We had school again today, as we do all other days sadly, and so that just dragged on forever. The only interesting things we're doing right now are an Annotated Bibliography in English and watching Braveheart in History. I suffered through school, and then went home. No one was around, as Mom was working and Dad and Jana had gone to Grandpa and Grandma's for the day, but I was really hungry, so I spent two hours digging out the truck and changing the tire that was flat so that I could drive into town and get some food. I finally did and went and bought the makings for Nachos, which I proceeded to make and then collapsed on a couch and relaxed until the girls got back from youth group, and then I went to bed. 


March 26, 2019 Taco Tuesday 
This morning we had to get up super early and ride the bus because no one was available to bring us to school. School was boring as usual, and I was feeling really tired. After school, Grandpa and Jana dropped off my golf clubs before practice, and then we practiced for about an hour before Mom picked me up and brought me to work. I had to stay at work until around 8:20, despite being only scheduled to 8 and having a horrible headache, but got all my work done, and then bough a bunch of tacos and walked over to Lamplighter where Dad was working. I waited until 9 for him to get off work, and then we drove home and I went to bed.


March 25, 2019 Back in the Routine 
We had to get up and go to school this morning, which always makes things a little less fun than usual. School went by slowly, and seemed pretty useless as the amount of time I spend actually learning things is only about 40 minutes. We are watching Shawshank Redemption in 1st hour and Braveheart in 7th hour though, so at least it's not all boring. After school, I rode the bus home, and then laid around and generally got in the way until it was time to go to bed.


March 24, 2019 I Accidentally Drove Through Their Yard... 
This morning we had to roll out of bed and head to church bright and early, because we were doing music this Sunday. We got our sound checks completed and ran through all the music, and then we played during church. It could have gone better, but it also could have gone much worse. After church, we had some food, and then afterwards we went home and rested for awhile. Then at 3:30, Jana and I got in the car and headed up to Park Rapids for church, stopping for gas and to pick up Gabby. The church service was really good that night, and then youth group was really fun too. However, a lady had asked if we could drop her daughter off at their house on our way home, and she lived really close to Gabby so I agreed. Well, we dropped her off, and then I thought they had a circle drive, but it turned out I was driving through their yard, so that was kinda awkward. We got home, and I went to bed and fell asleep.


March 23, 2019 Pizza Ranch and Musical 
This morning I got up nice and early at 9:30am, and did a little bit of cleaning before changing into my work clothes and heading into town. I had to work from 11-3, so it wasn't that long, and I made it through it, even though it was painful. After work, I got a bit of food to eat, and then ran home and changed before heading over to Grandpa and Nana's. Mom and Dad were out of town for the evening, so Jana, Tevia, and I all went to Pizza Ranch in Perham with Grandpa and Nana for dinner, and then after dinner I went to the school to record the second night of the musical. It was much more boring to watch the second night, and afterwards I went home and fell asleep promptly.


March 22, 2019 Musical: Night 1
This morning was another rush to get to school, as I accidentally slept a little later than I was supposed to. Today was the end of the quarter, so I had a couple of big tests, and then ended the quarter with 5 A's and 2 B's. I also got my ACT scores back (along with a couple of emails from different colleges who had already gotten my scores as well), getting a 35 in my reading section which was pretty good. After school, I rode the bus home and practiced piano for awhile, and then went back into town for musical, as they had asked me to record it as I have a good camera. That lasted until about 9:30pm, and then I came home, took a shower and got cleaned up, had some dinner, and then impulsively deleted all the social media apps off of my phone to help me focus on loving myself more. I had a good evening and went to bed around 12:30 am.


March 21, 2019 The End is In Sight 
While today was one of my least favorite days of the week, today wasn't as bad as normal but then it was also kind of worse than normal. It started off with rushing out the door with breakfast in hand to make it to school on time. I was driving, so we swung by Grandpa and Nana's to drop of Jana at their house. Tevia and I got to school, and everything went well at school, and I even got to skip part of 3rd and all of 4th hour because we had a speaker at school sharing about her experience as a victim of sexual abuse and how powerful forgiveness was in her life. After school, I went out to my car and got my golf clubs from the back for the second day of golf practice. Today all we were doing was hitting 60 balls each, and so we did that inside, and then afterwards I took off and drove to DL for work. I only worked 5-8, and it went by really quickly. Afterwards, I got a bite to eat, and then took off and drove home. I worked on some stuff at ho…


March 20, 2019 First Day of Spring
Today was an absolutely beautiful morning, and I woke up with a smile on my face (actually it was more of a grimace but who's keeping track). Dad had made us some stuff for breakfast, and it was ok, and then we all rode to school. I settled in for another long school day, but at least we only have like 40 days of school left, so the end is in sight. My classes are getting to be a lot and they keep assigning homework to be done outside of class which really annoys me, because I like to be done when I get home, but whatever. I just don't do it anyway. After school, I rode the bus home, which is always a bumpy ride because of the spring thaw, and then walked up the driveway, enjoying the great weather (sunny and 40 degrees). I grabbed my camera and went outside and spent a half hour or so taking photos, and then Jana and I went in to pick up Tevia from track practice. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat and home, and then went to the Nursing Home…


March 19, 2019 Chloe's Birthday 
Today started out just as your average Tuesday, and I went to school and it was horrible, as per usual. Not in the sense that anything horrible happened, it was just school, and my spring fever is starting to get really bad, even though spring isn't till tomorrow. After school I went to Reierson's room for my first golf practice. We were just going over rules, which was kinda boring. Afterwards, Grandpa came and picked me up, and then I got cleaned up at home, before taking the car and heading up to Chloe's house for her birthday party. I got there when I was supposed to, but everyone else was late, so I ended up sitting and talking to Ian and Trisha for about 25 minutes before everyone got there. Trisha made biscuits and gravy for dinner, which were super good, and then afterwards we all talked and had fun until it was time to sing to Chloe and have her blow out the candles. I stayed a little longer, and then took off as I had to get ga…


March 18, 2019 It's Monday... sadly 
Today was back to the grind, getting up early for school and spending all day in that blasted building. I can hardly wait to be free from it's reaching grasps of death and torture. Anyway, it wasn't that bad because I'm going to Chloe's tomorrow for her birthday and so at least I had that to look forward to. After school, I rode the bus home, and then sat around and did quite literally nothing except watch documentaries on my phone about famous airplanes. I've decided I want to try and build an airplane this summer, and so I'm looking forward to doing that. After dinner, I went to bed (around midnight or so).


March 17, 2019 A New Song 
This morning we got up, despite not wanting to, and went to church. We weren't doing music or anything, but we still have to be there at 9 for stuff (I think they should get rid of Sunday School). Anyway, the sermon was really good and Jesse was just on fire today, and then afterwards we had fellowship dinner which was also pretty good. Afterwards, we went home, and then Jana and I drove up to Eastside Church in Park Rapids, where the pastor there preached on the exact same thing! I think God may be trying to tell me something... they also did this new song during communion called Good Grace by Hillsong and I absolutely love it. Afterwards, we stayed for youth group, which was really fun, and I got a cookie because my team won in the relay race. After youth group was over, we went to Walmart and did some quick shopping before heading home. Was a really fun day.  The song they did at church that I loved so much


March 16, 2019 Broomball Tournament 
This morning I woke up to the absolutely horrible sound of Ben's alarm. He was too lazy to get out of bed to turn if off, so we had to listen to it for like 5 minutes. Eventually we all got up, and Karri made weird fried egg bread for breakfast with sausage. It was pretty good. After we ate, we drove down to Lando Rink and started getting everything set up for the fundraiser. People started showing up, and we started getting really busy. The day went by really quickly, and we were busy almost the entire time. Eventually it started to get late and we had sold almost all of our food stuff, and so after making almost $3000, we packed everything up and Dad and I went home. I had a nice relaxing evening watching airplane videos on YouTube, and then went to bed.


March 15, 2019Heading North
This morning I got up, and as hard as it was, it was nice to know that it was the last day of school for the week. I made my way to school, taking my time (not really; I wasn't driving so I didn't have a choice) and then suffered through yet another day of school. Near the end of the day, I got bored and didn't have anything important left, so I left school and walked downtown where I met Dad and Jana. We got some groceries, and then once we got home, I packed my stuff and took the car up to Ron and Karri's to help setup for our fundraiser to go to New Mexico. I got there and hung out with them for awhile, and then we went over to Lando rink where we were actually holding the fundraiser, and stayed there until around 10:30pm getting setup. Afterwards, we went back to Ron and Karri's and hung out for awhile before going to bed.


March 05, 2019 Mom's Birthday 
Today was a special day, as it was Mom's 45th birthday! We woke up and wished her happy birthday before heading off to school. The school day was long as always, and then afterwards, we went home and got the house cleaned up before Grandpa and Nana came over for dinner. We had a nice little birthday party for her and then after Grandpa and Nana left, we went to bed because there's sadly still school tomorrow.


March 04, 2019 Back to the Drag 
We had to wake up early this morning again and go to school. I must admit that I am already quite tired of public school, and am ready to go back to setting my only bedtimes and wake-up times. Ah well, there's always next year. School seemed to drag on forever, and when I finally got out of there, I went out and had to ride the bus home. I was riding the bus with Tevia, but today was her last day for awhile as track starts tomorrow. We got home and just had a regular evening at home, relaxing and enjoying the evening.


March 03, 2019 New Youth Group 
We had church this morning, but everything was back to normal after last week. It was a pretty good sermon from Jesse, and then afterwards we went home after church. I rested for a bit, and then took off for Park Rapids where I went to Eastside church for the service, and then afterwards I stuck around for the youth group. We had a ton of food and then they had games, and then they showed a video before breaking into small groups, and it was a really awesome time and I met some really cool people my age, which was really awesome. Afterwards, I swung by McDonalds, and then talked to Bradly on the phone on my way home, and then went to bed as soon as I got home around 9:30.


March 02, 2019 Continued Cleaning
Today we had to get up and clean as usual, but we're pretty used to having to do that on Saturday's at this point. We just hung around the house for most of the day, and then once it started to get evening, we went over to Grandpa and Nana's to shovel for a little bit, and then when we got home, Jana, Tevia, and I all took off for the PACC (Perham Area Community Center) for our youth group evening. We played basketball, went swimming, ate a ton of food, and then roller skated until they closed, and we ended up getting home right before midnight. Really fun night.


March 01, 2019 Friends, Deer, and Prophicies 
Today was Friday, but we didn't have school, so I got to sleep in, although not as much as I wanted to. Mom wanted to move a dresser downstairs, so I cleaned my entire room and moved everything around and stuff and I was really proud of it when I was done, plus I have a new dresser, with a giant mirror. At 2:30ish, the Glander's were coming over as they are thinking about moving into our apartment and wanted to see what it is like. They hung out for awhile, and then I grabbed the car and took off for Menahga to meet Chloe for dinner. It took me awhile to get there, and the weather wasn't the best. I eventually got there and Chloe and I had dinner at The Cottage Cafe, and then talked for a few hours. Afterwards, I took off towards Frazee again, but along the way almost hit some deer that someone had left in the road. Not wanting anyone else to hit them, I turned back around to drag them out of the road but sadly one of them was s…