February 20, 2019 

ACT Day 

This morning I got up early and had a nice healthy breakfast, made sure I had plenty of water, and then went to school a little earlier than normal to get there for the ACT check-in time. Eventually I found the right room (it was in an unfamiliar part of the school), and got to testing. It was a pretty long test, but we got a break inbetween tests 2 and 3 where they gave us water and rice crispy bars. After the tests, we all went and had lunch, and then since we couldn't leave the school, they had dodgeball for us to play, or we could go watch The Greatest Showman if we wanted, which is what I did. After school, Dad picked us up, and we went home and had a quick dinner, and then we went over to the Nursing Home to play and sing for the old people. Dad and I brought our guitars, and the old people seem to enjoy it. Afterwards we went home and I went to bed.