February 18, 2019 

I'm Healed 

We didn't have school today, as it was President's day, which happens to fall on George Washington's birthday this year. In honor of President's day, I tried to convince people to help me start a revolution, or at least go protest something, but no one wanted to go be patriotic. I got my taxes all done this morning by about 10:30, and I did them online this year, so they're already completely filed and my returns should be given to me soon. Afterwards I took a quick shower, grabbed the Hermit Crab, and brought it over to the Mitchell's as they finally got back from Texas. I said hi to Hope and Hannah, and then took off for Country Kitchen where I was meeting Caleb and Codie for lunch. Country Kitchen has a new menu, and I don't really like it, but it does look nice I guess. We ate, and then talked for an hour or two, which was really fun, and then I drove home, swinging by the bank on the way. Once I got home, I just mostly worked on homework for tomorrow when we go back to school, and then after dinner I tried to go to bed early to make sure I was feeling top notch. I slept down in the basement again tonight. The picture is of the window in my basement which I finally felt well enough to go dig out so I get some light downstairs.