February 14, 2019

Sick, Single, and in Solitary 

Today is known as Valentine's Day, which of course, has no special significance to me seeing as I am single, laying at home on the couch, with a bucket, ready to puke any moment. When I woke up this morning, I was feeling even worse than some of the other days, so I made my way upstairs, and laid on the couch. Dad gave me a lot of Tylenol, which is pretty good for you and so that helped. He also gave me some other medicine, but I ended up throwing that up within about 10 minutes. After my fever had went down a little, he gave me some soup, and then him and Jana left for a homeschool party, so I was home alone. I watched Television for awhile, but still didn't feel the best and it seemed to give me a headache after too long, and I didn't really find it that interesting as I couldn't wear my glasses while laying on my side, and without my glasses I couldn't see the TV, which made watching it rather pointless. After awhile, they got home and tried to make me eat more soup, but I was throwing up almost anything I tried to put down, so I chose not to eat anymore. After they finished, I had a fever again, so they gave me more medicine and had me sleep upstairs in my old bedroom.