February 07, 2019

Snow Day

This morning when we got up, we had the pleasant surprise (although I kinda guessed) of school being cancelled for the day. Because of this, we were able to sleep in a bit, and then we just kinda lounged around the house most of the day. Jana still had school, so she worked on that, but because Tevia and I didn't have anything, we ended up having to do some chores. Mom was pretty upset that her last day before going to work was ruined by us being home. Around 3, we all loaded into the car and headed towards town. First we went to the bank, and then we stopped by Walmart where the girls decided to do a lot of shopping, so I wandered around for awhile. After we were done at Walmart, we went to get pizza, stopped by Taco Johns, and then went home. At home, we had dinner, and then I worked on my computer until after I went to bed.