February 04, 2019 

School Was Delayed 

This morning I woke up at my normal time to get up for school, and I wasn't sure about the weather, so the first thing I did was check Facebook, and sure enough, school had been delayed by 2 hours. Obviously the first thing I did was go back to sleep. Eventually I had to get up, and I went downstairs and had some cereal and Grandpa had made some sausage which I also ate. Then Grandpa gave me and Tevia rides to school, where the school day went by nice and quickly. Afterwards, he picked us up again and we quick went home before going back over to their house. I worked on more homework, we watched a movie, had dinner, and then I took a shower before going to bed. I also listened to the entire new Victory album by Bethel Music and it was so good. 

It was a beautiful afternoon