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February 28, 2019Last Day of February 
Everyone was pretty happy today at school, because not only is it the last day of February (finally), but it's also the last day of school for the weekend, as we get a long weekend. Everything just seemed to fly by, even though it was a relatively uninteresting day. I did some filming for media class, and then after school Tevia and I rode the bus home. We didn't really have anything going on at home, so just chilled out, and then stayed up late since it was the weekend.


February 27, 2019 Normal Wednesday
This morning was the same as every other morning, kinda boring and uneventful. School went by normally, and then we went home after school. I had gotten a text from Caleb, saying that he didn't have anyone to do music tonight at Youth Group, and so I quick put together a setlist and took off for church. I got everything setup there, and then hung out with Caleb until youth group came around. It didn't go as well as other times have, especially considering I was the only person doing music, but that's ok. Afterwards, I got registered for the 30 For Freedom race in May, and decided that I'm going to do the 10k. We hung out a little longer, and then went home and I retreated to my basement while everyone else fought upstairs.


February 26, 2019Taco John's and Working Out
We had school today as always, and I had a test in Sociology, and I was really happy because I got almost 96% on it, which is the highest I've done on any test yet this year. School went by quickly, and then afterwards, I went home, got changed, and took off to Detroit Lakes, where I met Caleb at the Community Center to work out. I ended up doing just over 3 miles on the treadmills, and then we did some ab workouts and core stuff before going over to Taco Johns. We had dinner and talked for about 2 hours, and then I went home, and went to bed, completely exhausted by the workout.


February 25, 2019Choir Concert 
This morning we got up and went to school as always, but there was something a little special today. I had my second choir concert. We did a lot of preparation during second hour in school, and then after school I went home for a few hours, and then right back to school afterwards for choir. The concert went much better than any of the rehearsals went and then afterwards I stayed a little and helped Mrs. Ratcliffe clean up before heading home. I was completely exhausted at home, and so went to bed right away.


February 24, 2019 Baptism Sunday
Today was a special day at our church; it was baptism Sunday. We loaded up our gear a few hours early, and went to church where we got everything setup and started practicing. It went really well, and then Janessa was there, so I got to hang out and talk with  her instead of going to Sunday School. We did music, and then they had the baptisms, and everything went mostly well, which was impressive considering how some people just entirely refuse to do what they're supposed to. Afterwards, we had food, and then we went home, and the driveway had drifted so badly that we got stuck going up the driveway and had to dig the van out. Eventually we got up to the house, and then just stayed inside all day and had a nice, relaxing evening. 


February 23, 2019 Preparation Day 
It was a beautiful morning when I woke up today at a nice late time, pretty close to 10:30. Mom had gone to visit the Amish, and since we had no rush to get anything done, I took my time having breakfast, and then doing some laundry and minimal cleaning until Mom got home. After Mom was home, she made us work our butts off cleaning because people were coming over that night. A whole ton of people did indeed come over that night, including the Glander's and Caleb, and we had a fun time I guess, and then finally everyone left and I was able to have peace.


February 22, 2019 Finally the Weekend
Today was bad, but it wasn't as bad as normal because the end was in sight. Only one more day and then we were free for the entire weekend, and the feeling was amazing. Everything at school went well, and it is nice that I'm finally caught up with all my school work, and have all my grades up again. After school, we rode the bus home, and then I stayed up a little later than usual, enjoying the nice evening with nothing urgent the next morning. 


February 21, 2019 Typical Thursday 
Today was much like other days. We got up, went to school, it snowed, the snow was gross. I'm starting to have a greater and greater dislike for Minnesota as the days go by. After school, we came home, but there wasn't anything special about today, so we just kinda hung out until after dinner, and then went to bed.


February 20, 2019 ACT Day
This morning I got up early and had a nice healthy breakfast, made sure I had plenty of water, and then went to school a little earlier than normal to get there for the ACT check-in time. Eventually I found the right room (it was in an unfamiliar part of the school), and got to testing. It was a pretty long test, but we got a break inbetween tests 2 and 3 where they gave us water and rice crispy bars. After the tests, we all went and had lunch, and then since we couldn't leave the school, they had dodgeball for us to play, or we could go watch The Greatest Showman if we wanted, which is what I did. After school, Dad picked us up, and we went home and had a quick dinner, and then we went over to the Nursing Home to play and sing for the old people. Dad and I brought our guitars, and the old people seem to enjoy it. Afterwards we went home and I went to bed.


February 19, 2019 Back to School
Today we were back to school again, sadly. We got up and went to school just like normal. Everything seemed to drag on forever, but that is to be expected considering that I've been gone from school for basically a week. I made up a lot of work, and then afterwards, Mom made us ride the bus home which is never fun because it's so much longer. We just kinda relaxed at home and then and then after dinner, I tried to go to bed early so that I'm all rested up for my ACT in the morning.


February 18, 2019 I'm Healed 
We didn't have school today, as it was President's day, which happens to fall on George Washington's birthday this year. In honor of President's day, I tried to convince people to help me start a revolution, or at least go protest something, but no one wanted to go be patriotic. I got my taxes all done this morning by about 10:30, and I did them online this year, so they're already completely filed and my returns should be given to me soon. Afterwards I took a quick shower, grabbed the Hermit Crab, and brought it over to the Mitchell's as they finally got back from Texas. I said hi to Hope and Hannah, and then took off for Country Kitchen where I was meeting Caleb and Codie for lunch. Country Kitchen has a new menu, and I don't really like it, but it does look nice I guess. We ate, and then talked for an hour or two, which was really fun, and then I drove home, swinging by the bank on the way. Once I got home, I just mostly …


February 17, 2019 Church at Home 
When I got up this morning, I knew that I wouldn't be able to go to church today because, while I felt better than I have in a week, I still didn't feel fantastic and almost fell down the stairs. I sat by the fire for awhile and watched the birds out the window, and then around 10:20, I turned on the TV and started watching the Elevation Church live service, broadcasted out of North Carolina, a church I hope to visit someday. Mom came down and joined me, as she also stayed home because of not feeling well. Afterwards, I was feeling well enough that I took a shower, and then played some piano. I also weighed myself as I thought I was looking a little weird in the mirror, and it turns out I lost almost 16 pounds in the past week. Eventually Dad and the girls got home, and after I had some toast as a bit of a starter meal, we went out snowshoeing, which I did better on than I thought I would.  After showshoeing, I laid around for awhile, then we w…


February 16, 2019 No Medicine
I woke up this morning around 1:30 AM, and I couldn't sleep so I decided to go lay on the couch instead of being upstairs. I laid there for awhile, but couldn't really sleep either, so decided I'd go back upstairs, but should go to the bathroom first. Instead of going to the bathroom, I enjoyed another bout of throwing up my guts. Because I haven't eaten anything at all, I just sit there and dry heave which really is quite a painful experience. After awhile, I got some internal fluids out and I felt better, so I went upstairs after assuring Dad that I didn't want any medicine. I fell back asleep eventually and slept until morning. I went downstairs eventually and all I really did was lay on the couch and watch Lord of the Rings documentaries with Mom all day. We also watched some movies once Dad got home. Grandpa brought me a Strawberry shake from town which was super good and the closest thing I've had to food in a few days. Everyo…


February 15, 2019 When Will The Pain End? 
Today has been my worst day of being sick so far. Because of how much medicine Dad gave me in the past few days, Mom is worried that I'll overdose, so they're only giving me very limited amounts of medicine, which means there is no way to get rid of the pain or discomfort. I woke up completely drenched in sweat, and made my way downstairs, where Mom gave me a little bit of medicine, but I ended up throwing it up about 30 minutes later. However, because of how long it had been in me before it came out, I couldn't take more. I didn't have any food all day, but just nursed a glass of water and a couple glasses of juice and 7-Up. I thought I was doing pretty well, but after dinner we watched a movie, and right afterwards I got up to go to the bathroom and ended up throwing up most of what I had drank in the last few hours. Mom got me cleaned up, and then had me go to bed again upstairs. Took some NyQuil before bed which helped me f…


February 14, 2019Sick, Single, and in Solitary 
Today is known as Valentine's Day, which of course, has no special significance to me seeing as I am single, laying at home on the couch, with a bucket, ready to puke any moment. When I woke up this morning, I was feeling even worse than some of the other days, so I made my way upstairs, and laid on the couch. Dad gave me a lot of Tylenol, which is pretty good for you and so that helped. He also gave me some other medicine, but I ended up throwing that up within about 10 minutes. After my fever had went down a little, he gave me some soup, and then him and Jana left for a homeschool party, so I was home alone. I watched Television for awhile, but still didn't feel the best and it seemed to give me a headache after too long, and I didn't really find it that interesting as I couldn't wear my glasses while laying on my side, and without my glasses I couldn't see the TV, which made watching it rather pointless. After awhil…


February 13, 2019 Back to School... or Not? 
This morning I felt well enough when I woke up to go to school, so I packed up my things and got ready. School felt like it was dragging on forever and I felt like it was never going to end. I made up a few different tests which was good. Afterwards, I went home, and almost immediately collapsed on the couch with a fever. I was pretty sick all afternoon, and was on meds all evening. I went to bed, but didn't sleep well again.


February 12, 2019Sick Day
This morning I woke up and I knew something definitely didn't feel quite right. I got out of bed and almost passed out trying to walk upstairs. I told Dad that I didn't think I was going to go to school today, and then I went back downstairs and slept until about 10. I didn't feel a whole lot better, but I was able to make it upstairs, where I camped on the couch most of the day, making it through the hours of boredom and painful headaches. I skipped out on supper, and then went to bed pretty early. Didn't get a very restful night of sleep.


February 11, 2019Back to School
This morning I had to get up at like 6:45 or some crazy early time like that, and then Dad dropped me off at the Palace Cafe in Frazee where I had breakfast with Caleb and Codie. Caleb just got back from Las Vegas, and so he told us about that, and how he was working with an organization trying to stop sex trafficking and it was really cool what they were doing. After breakfast, Codie gave me a ride up to school where I missed the bell by like 30 seconds, but that's okay because time isn't important. School went well, although I didn't feel the greatest. After school was over, Dad picked us up again, and we went home. I still wasn't feeling the greatest, so I took some medicine and went to bed after dinner.


February 10, 2019 Release Time Sunday
This morning I slept in a little later than I meant to, but that was okay because time is just a social construct put there by politicians who only promote their own communist agendas. I had a quick breakfast, grabbed my guitar, and then we hit the road. We got to church and I got my instruments setup while Dad went and made coffee or something. We had Sunday School, and then loads of people started showing up. Like, enough so that most of the church was packed, and there was some backup seating in the back that was even being used. Everything went well, and I don't think anyone could tell that my legs were shaking the entire time I led worship. Afterwards, we had a bit of dinner at church, and then we drove up to a ski area by Waubun. We ended up only having time to stay for about 15 minutes, and then we were on our way back home so that I could make it to church that evening. We got home, I checked the weather, and then I took off for Eastsid…


February 09, 2019Just a Regular Saturday
We were able to sleep in this morning which was really nice. I just lounged around a lot and played video games on my computer. I had no plans to go outside at any point in the day, but then Dad decided I needed to do a chore so outside I went to get wood for the fireplace. After awhile I finished that so I came back inside. I had to lead music at church in the morning, so I was careful with my voice and tried to eat and drink to keep it healthy. After dinner I stayed up for awhile, but then went to bed.


February 08, 2019It's Almost the Weekend
It was hard to get up today, but we knew that it would be important to finish our last day of school, so I forced myself out of bed. We had a 2 hour late start, which was nice, and then we went to school just like normal. All my classes went by quickly, and then afterwards we went home, where we just hung out until after diner, at which point we went to bed. Pretty uneventful.


February 07, 2019Snow Day
This morning when we got up, we had the pleasant surprise (although I kinda guessed) of school being cancelled for the day. Because of this, we were able to sleep in a bit, and then we just kinda lounged around the house most of the day. Jana still had school, so she worked on that, but because Tevia and I didn't have anything, we ended up having to do some chores. Mom was pretty upset that her last day before going to work was ruined by us being home. Around 3, we all loaded into the car and headed towards town. First we went to the bank, and then we stopped by Walmart where the girls decided to do a lot of shopping, so I wandered around for awhile. After we were done at Walmart, we went to get pizza, stopped by Taco Johns, and then went home. At home, we had dinner, and then I worked on my computer until after I went to bed.


February 06, 2019 Youth Got Cancelled 
This morning it felt like we had to get up super early, even though it was just normal time. We packed up all our stuff and went to school, with Dad dropping us off because one of our cars is still in the shop. School went pretty fast, and was actually slightly enjoyable now that I'm starting to settle back into the routine of things. After school, Grandpa picked us up and brought us back to our house. I had some snack, and then played some music for awhile before working on my computer. We had dinner as a family, and then Mom and Dad left for a church meeting, and so I did all the dishes myself, and then played some more piano before taking a shower and going to bed. 


February 05, 2019 Mom and Dad are Back 
This morning we had school at our normal time sadly, so we got up and went to school. It was bleh. After school, Dad picked us up, as he had just gotten back from his vacation with Mom, and so we went home and hung out there, and then we had dinner and then after dinner, I worked on my computer for awhile before going to bed.


February 04, 2019 School Was Delayed 
This morning I woke up at my normal time to get up for school, and I wasn't sure about the weather, so the first thing I did was check Facebook, and sure enough, school had been delayed by 2 hours. Obviously the first thing I did was go back to sleep. Eventually I had to get up, and I went downstairs and had some cereal and Grandpa had made some sausage which I also ate. Then Grandpa gave me and Tevia rides to school, where the school day went by nice and quickly. Afterwards, he picked us up again and we quick went home before going back over to their house. I worked on more homework, we watched a movie, had dinner, and then I took a shower before going to bed. I also listened to the entire new Victory album by Bethel Music and it was so good.


February 03, 2019Super Bowl Party
This morning when we got up, Mom had already left for church. We packed up into the car and made our way there. The service was good, and I ended up sharing about my time in Kansas, which was fun. Afterwards, we went home, and then got some stuff packed up and Mom and Dad dropped us off at Grandpa and Nana's as they were going up to somewhere for a vacation away from us. We hung out at Grandpa and Nana's for awhile, and then Grandpa gave us a ride up to Ben's for the super bowl party he was hosting. We stayed there until about 8, and ate lots of food and had a good time, and then we went home and I worked on an essay until bedtime.


February 02, 2019And Another Car Bites the Dust
This morning I slept in a bit, and then did a bit of cleaning, but not enough to actually make a difference. After I finished my cleaning, I had some lunch, and then Dad had somehow gotten the car broke down in Detroit Lakes, so Grandpa brought me into town where I went to Wal-Mart and got some groceries and also got the new prescriptions for my glasses, which will hopefully help my eyes a bit, and stop these headaches. I got some groceries for Mom, and then we went over to see if we could jump Dad's car, but we couldn't, so we just gave him a ride home. We had a bunch of people over for dinner, and that was cool I guess, and then I went to bed after everyone left.


February 01, 2019Time is Flying
Today was my first full day back at school in over a week, and it was kinda depressing. All my classes seemed to go by pretty quickly, and then after school, we went home and just kinda sat around most of the afternoon. After dinner, I played on my computer for awhile, and then stayed up a little later than normal as it was the weekend.