January 28, 2019

I'm going home already?

This morning I had to get all my stuff packed up and haul it over to the LCR before 8, and then I went over to the cafeteria where the whole group had breakfast together. I had cereal and yogurt. After breakfast, we had a session on Calling & College, and then another speaker came in to talk about Academics & Faith. We had pizza for lunch at 11:30 before playing a few more games. Then we had a session on leadership, and then it was time to say goodbye to everyone already. I got everyone's phone numbers, said goodbye, and hopped in Leah's car and we started the drive back to Wichita. I had checked-in on my phone earlier that morning already, and so when she dropped me off at their airport, I had no trouble getting through security (they even let me keep the half-eaten doughnut in my pocket). My flight showed up about 18 minutes late, and then we sat in the plane for about an hour while they tried to fix something. They eventually said they were just going to turn it off and then turn it back on and apparently it worked because we were in the air in about 20 minutes. After one of the most sketchy flights in my entire life, we landed in Denver. I hung out in Denver for awhile, and then got on the nicest plane I've ever been on to go back to Fargo. The flight seemed pretty long because I was bored, but it wasn't really that bad. Mom picked me up once I got off in Fargo and we went and got some Taco Bell which I ate as she drove home. I took a quick shower once we got home, and then went to bed, completely wiped out.