January 27, 2019

I'm seeing a trend here....

I woke up this morning, yet again in a strangers bed. Except it was my blanket, so that was good. We had to be at the LCR for breakfast around 8:00, but we were still late despite getting up at 7:20, and only being across the street. After breakfast, we had another session called "The World's Most Dangerous Bible Study" which lasted till about 11, when we went over to the cafeteria for lunch. After lunch, we played some more games, took a picture, and then listened to Dr. Dell Grey talk about Biblical Theology. We had one more session before supper, which was chicken patties and chicken pasta. We talked a bunch more during supper and had fun, and then afterwards, we walked over to a nearby church where we watched the Greatest Showman. After we watched that, we talked about it a lot, and had a very in depth discussion, and then went back to our dorms, where I fell asleep pretty quickly.