January 26, 2019

Exploring Kansas

I woke up in a strangers bed this morning, although I should probably get used to it for once I go to college. Once I realized where I was, I slowly woke up and got dressed. Everyone was already gone for their meetings, so I had a little breakfast, took a shower, cleaned up as much as I could, and then walked over to the Center for the Arts at Tabor, which was a few blocks away. Everyone was there and happy to see that I was alive after I showed up 10 minutes after I had originally said I was going to. I met up with Collin who was going to be hanging out with me for the morning until the retreat actually started at 1. We walked to the coffee shop in town and hung out there for awhile as they had live Jazz music, and then we walked back to Tabor for lunch. After lunch, all the other kids arrived, and we spent some time getting to know eachother before going over to another building to play some games. After the game, we went back to the LCR (Library Conference Room) where we had our first session, and then we met the people who we would be staying with in the student dorms. We went over to the dorms and got half setup, and then we went over to the cafeteria for a dinner of BBQ chicken sandwich thingies. After we ate, we listened to Mike give his call story, and then we had small groups for awhile before one final bit together, and then we went back to the dorms again around 10pm. I was going to take a shower before bed, but it turns out that hot water isn't really a thing in some of the dorms, so I changed and just went to bed.