January 25, 2019

Stressful Travels

I woke up at 7:30 this morning like normal, but today was anything but normal. After we got Tevia shipped off to school, I took a shower, and then Mom helped me packed my backpack. I wasn't feeling the greatest as I was a little stressed and hadn't slept the greatest the night before. As soon as Dad got back from dropping off Tevia, I said goodbye, and then Dad and I drove into Detroit Lakes where we went to Wal-Mart for my eye appointment. They found out that I need a new prescription in both eyes, which is nice to know as I've been having frequent headaches, and maybe the new lenses will help with those. Afterward, I bought a lemonade to drink for breakfast, and then we started off towards Fargo. We went right to the airport, but my flight was about 4 hours delayed, so we got the flight fixed, and then went out to Denny's for lunch. After lunch, I was feeling a little feverish, so I slept in the car while Dad did business at BestBuy and a few other places. After he was done, I got yet another notification that my flight had been delayed by 7 hours, so we went to the airport to figure out what was up, and they transferred me to a Delta flight that left in about 30 minutes. I ran out to the car to grab my backpack, said bye to Dad, and took off through the TSA checkpoint. Everything went smoothly, and in an hour, I was in Minneapolis. I had a bit of a layover in MSP, so I walked to one of the A&W's in the airport, and got some dinner. I wasn't feeling the best still, but it was pretty warm when I boarded the next flight. We drove around on the runway for like 20 minutes in the airplane, and I was at the way back next to a guy who looked like Peter Furler. The flight wasn't very long, and then I got off around 8pm in Wichita Kansas! I went out and met Mike and Leah, the FaithFront leaders who were picking me up. They were super cool people, and asked me questions for like 20 minutes straight, mostly trying to see if I had an accent. They asked me what I wanted for dinner, and then once hearing that I had never had Chipotle, they decided they must take me there. After our 45 minute meal at Chipotle, they wanted to take me to a place called Hurts Donuts, where we got a dozen and a half specialty and weird donuts, ranging from Nutella to Birthday cake to Strawberry Lemonade. Then we made the hour drive over to Hillsboro, where Tabor College was. We drove around for awhile as they showed me all the different parts of the campus. Finally, around 10:30, we got to Matthew and Heidi's house, who I was staying with that night. They were a young couple who had just gotten married a few months ago, and they were literally the nicest and kindest and most warm hearted people I have ever met. They had a guest room all setup and it was super fancy and so after making plans with Mike and Leah, I took a quick shower, and was able to get to bed before midnight.     

The Wichita Airport