January 20, 2019

The Lunar Eclipse

This morning we had church which meant, of course, getting up super early as usual. We went to church and it was okay. Afterwards, we had a lot of really good food, and then we went home. At around 3:30, Mom and I got in the car and drove up to Park Rapids to try out this new church called Eastside. It was really cool, and I greatly enjoyed it. Afterwards, we talked to some people there, and then went home. We watched National Treasure at home, then some of the Clone Wars. Everyone else went to bed after the movie, but I was staying up as there was a lunar eclipse, called the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse or something like that, and it won't happen again until May of 2021. I took some nice pictures of it around 11:30pm, and then went to bed. 

Eastside Christian Church in Park Rapids

The Full Moon

About half-eclipse around 10:15pm

The full eclipse