January 14, 2019

Stranger Danger

This morning I decided to sleep in, but forgot to set an alarm, but still thankfully woke up 20 minutes before I needed to leave to meet Cameron in town. We had never met before, but have some mutual friends who said we would get along well, so I texted him and was like "yo wanna get lunch sometime" and so we decided to go to the Mexican restaurant in the mall, since Frazee didn't have school today. We had a really good time together and the food was really good, and after about 3 hours, I finally took off and went over to Grandpa and Nana's where I hung out for a little while, before going home. Nothing interesting was happening at home, but then once Dad got home, we loaded up and went into Detroit Lakes where we met Neil at his house, and then all went over to Detroit Mountain where we skied until about 8:30. We went home, had some food, and then went to bed. 

Jana playing on her text machine