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January 31, 2019Back Into the Routine
This morning I got up and it was time for school sadly. At least we had a two-hour late start, so I didn't have to be at school until 10. All my classes went by slowly, and I got pretty bored, as it is hard to jump back into school after having such an adventure. After school, I came home and played on my computer for awhile before dinner, and then after we ate I went to bed.


January 30, 2019Still Relaxing
I slept in again today, and it was pretty peaceful at home. We go back to school tomorrow, so I started working on a bit of my homework, but I don't have that much; just a paper for Government and some reading assignments for English. After I finished my homework, I had some food, worked on my computer for awhile, and then eventually I went to bed because I was tired.


January 29, 2019Relaxation
I didn't wake up this morning till about 10 or 11 as I was still quite tired from my adventures all across the globe. School was cancelled today and tomorrow because of weather conditions, so I didn't really have a whole ton planned for the day. I spent a few minutes working on homework, but that got boring pretty quickly, so I just hung around and didn't really do anything all day, and then went to bed early as I was still pretty tired from my travels.


January 28, 2019I'm going home already?
This morning I had to get all my stuff packed up and haul it over to the LCR before 8, and then I went over to the cafeteria where the whole group had breakfast together. I had cereal and yogurt. After breakfast, we had a session on Calling & College, and then another speaker came in to talk about Academics & Faith. We had pizza for lunch at 11:30 before playing a few more games. Then we had a session on leadership, and then it was time to say goodbye to everyone already. I got everyone's phone numbers, said goodbye, and hopped in Leah's car and we started the drive back to Wichita. I had checked-in on my phone earlier that morning already, and so when she dropped me off at their airport, I had no trouble getting through security (they even let me keep the half-eaten doughnut in my pocket). My flight showed up about 18 minutes late, and then we sat in the plane for about an hour while they tried to fix something. They eventual…


January 27, 2019I'm seeing a trend here....
I woke up this morning, yet again in a strangers bed. Except it was my blanket, so that was good. We had to be at the LCR for breakfast around 8:00, but we were still late despite getting up at 7:20, and only being across the street. After breakfast, we had another session called "The World's Most Dangerous Bible Study" which lasted till about 11, when we went over to the cafeteria for lunch. After lunch, we played some more games, took a picture, and then listened to Dr. Dell Grey talk about Biblical Theology. We had one more session before supper, which was chicken patties and chicken pasta. We talked a bunch more during supper and had fun, and then afterwards, we walked over to a nearby church where we watched the Greatest Showman. After we watched that, we talked about it a lot, and had a very in depth discussion, and then went back to our dorms, where I fell asleep pretty quickly.


January 26, 2019Exploring Kansas
I woke up in a strangers bed this morning, although I should probably get used to it for once I go to college. Once I realized where I was, I slowly woke up and got dressed. Everyone was already gone for their meetings, so I had a little breakfast, took a shower, cleaned up as much as I could, and then walked over to the Center for the Arts at Tabor, which was a few blocks away. Everyone was there and happy to see that I was alive after I showed up 10 minutes after I had originally said I was going to. I met up with Collin who was going to be hanging out with me for the morning until the retreat actually started at 1. We walked to the coffee shop in town and hung out there for awhile as they had live Jazz music, and then we walked back to Tabor for lunch. After lunch, all the other kids arrived, and we spent some time getting to know eachother before going over to another building to play some games. After the game, we went back to the LCR (Library Conf…


January 25, 2019Stressful Travels
I woke up at 7:30 this morning like normal, but today was anything but normal. After we got Tevia shipped off to school, I took a shower, and then Mom helped me packed my backpack. I wasn't feeling the greatest as I was a little stressed and hadn't slept the greatest the night before. As soon as Dad got back from dropping off Tevia, I said goodbye, and then Dad and I drove into Detroit Lakes where we went to Wal-Mart for my eye appointment. They found out that I need a new prescription in both eyes, which is nice to know as I've been having frequent headaches, and maybe the new lenses will help with those. Afterward, I bought a lemonade to drink for breakfast, and then we started off towards Fargo. We went right to the airport, but my flight was about 4 hours delayed, so we got the flight fixed, and then went out to Denny's for lunch. After lunch, I was feeling a little feverish, so I slept in the car while Dad did business at BestBuy a…


January 24, 2019Getting Ready to Leave
This morning I slept in perhaps a little longer than I should have, but I was ready to go by 7:50ish and so Tevia and I dropped off Jana at Grandpa and Nana's house, and then we got to school on time, with plenty of extra time to spare. All my classes went well, and in Robotics I actually got to program one of the robots myself, which was pretty cool. We also did a bunch of filming in Media, and then afterward school, Tevia and I went home. I spent most of the afternoon just getting ready to go to Kansas tomorrow, preparing myself mentally, and also cleaning my basement and trying to pack. I'm pretty excited. I finished a few things, and then went to bed around 10:30.


January 23, 2019Worship Night in Park Rapids
We went to school today and everything went normally there. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and everything went fine. After school, we drove home and tried to stay busy for a bit until Mom got home. As soon as she did, we all loaded up into the car and made the trek up to Eastside Church again in Park Rapids. They were having their worship night, and it was absolutely phenomenal, to say the least. They have a great band and a super great and welcoming environment and it was an awesome time. Afterwards, we went into Park Rapids where we ended up going to the Mexican restaurant, where we haven't been for quite awhile, and it was very enjoyable. We drove home afterwards, and went to bed.Note: Picture is of my journal from when we went to Arizona back in 2017, which I got printed and it finally came in the mail.


January 22, 2019Back to School
Today we had to get up and go to school like every other day because, sadly, our break was over. It was the first day of the new semester, which I was really happy about, because it means no more math! 5 out of my 7 classes were new, which I was pretty excited about. They all went well, and I enjoyed most of them. After school, Grandpa picked us up from school, and then dropped us off at home where we just hung around the house until dinner time, and then after dinner, I played on my computer a bit before going to bed.


January 21, 2019Our Last Monday Off
Today was another rather slow day, as we had no school. Mom and Dad were both working, so we slept in for awhile, and then I brought Jana and Tevia over to Grandpa and Nana's house, before heading into town to have lunch with Caleb, Codie, and Zenia at Country Kitchen. We hung out there for awhile and talked and ate, and then afterwards, I took off and went to find Grandpa a newspaper, and I checked at a few different places but none of them had the right one, which was bothersome. I went back over to their house for awhile, and then I brought the girls home. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out together, and then we went to bed after dinner.


January 20, 2019The Lunar Eclipse
This morning we had church which meant, of course, getting up super early as usual. We went to church and it was okay. Afterwards, we had a lot of really good food, and then we went home. At around 3:30, Mom and I got in the car and drove up to Park Rapids to try out this new church called Eastside. It was really cool, and I greatly enjoyed it. Afterwards, we talked to some people there, and then went home. We watched National Treasure at home, then some of the Clone Wars. Everyone else went to bed after the movie, but I was staying up as there was a lunar eclipse, called the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse or something like that, and it won't happen again until May of 2021. I took some nice pictures of it around 11:30pm, and then went to bed. 


January 19, 2019Helping Ruby Move
This morning I woke up rather early, and then I slept on and off until around 7:30, when I finally got up. We had breakfast and the sort, and then we went into Detroit Lakes and started moving all of Ruby's stuff from her storage shed into her new apartment. Mom finally let us go around 11, and so we went over to the library for awhile, and then had lunch at Burger King before going home. At home, we waited for awhile, then dropped Jana off at work, and Tevia and I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's house and cut a hole in the ice, and then jumped in. Afterwards, we went home, and had our Saturday night meal. A lot of people came over, and then once they left, we went to bed.


January 18, 2019Tevia's 14th Birthday!
Today was a very special day, as it was Tevia's birthday! Mom drove me to school so that Tevia could stay home for awhile, and all my classes were full of doing absolutely nothing as I had already finished everything. After school, we went home and I worked on my computer for awhile, and then Grandpa and Nana came over for Tevia's birthday party, and we had a nice little time. I went and picked up Jana from work around 7, and then afterwards everyone went home and we went to bed.


January 17, 2019Thursday Again
We got up and went to school today, but it was pretty low-key, as the teachers aren't really having us do a lot because the quarter ends tomorrow. After school, we came home and hung out for awhile, had a nice family sit-down dinner, with no small amount of yelling and arguing, and then turned in to bed, as there wasn't really a whole lot to do.


January 16, 2019The Hypothermia is Setting In
This morning I got up for school just like any other morning, and sadly I realized it was only Wednesday, even though it feels like a Friday. I went to school and everything went fine, even though I'm not really liking any of my classes except History at this point because all we have are finals. I have a retest to do in math, but that isn't till Friday. After school, I waited for Tevia and then we went home and messed around until it was time to go to the Nursing Home. Because it was just me, Dad, Jana, Tevia, and Ben, we decided just to bring our guitars and play for the old people. It could have gone better, but it could have gone a LOT worse. Afterwards, we went home and then I went out and did some long-exposure photography before bed. 


January 15, 2019Back to School
Today was a very sad day, as it was the first day back to school after the three day weekend. School isn't still a whole ton of fun again, because we have this last week of finals and trying to get the grades we want and it's stressful. After school, I went in and talked in Spanish with Mrs. Kratzke for awhile, and then Grandpa picked me up around 3:50 after school. We swung by the bank so I could put some money in, as I had just bought a new phone as was feeling a little broke, and then he dropped me off at home. I messed around with video stuff for awhile, and then I made a salad for mom. Afterwards, I made some quesadillas for myself, then worked on my computer a little more and went to bed. I feel asleep around 10:30-11, and slept really well.


January 14, 2019Stranger Danger
This morning I decided to sleep in, but forgot to set an alarm, but still thankfully woke up 20 minutes before I needed to leave to meet Cameron in town. We had never met before, but have some mutual friends who said we would get along well, so I texted him and was like "yo wanna get lunch sometime" and so we decided to go to the Mexican restaurant in the mall, since Frazee didn't have school today. We had a really good time together and the food was really good, and after about 3 hours, I finally took off and went over to Grandpa and Nana's where I hung out for a little while, before going home. Nothing interesting was happening at home, but then once Dad got home, we loaded up and went into Detroit Lakes where we met Neil at his house, and then all went over to Detroit Mountain where we skied until about 8:30. We went home, had some food, and then went to bed.


January 13, 2019Church Day
We had church this morning, but we were moving a little slowly, so ended up being a little late. Jesse and Rhonda were gone, so Ben was preaching and that seemed to go pretty well. Afterwards, I made sure to get registered for YouthCon, as it is coming up really soon in April, and then we went home and just laid around and watched movies for most of the afternoon. After dinner, I randomly felt like watching Star Wars, so stayed up till 1 in the morning watching Revenge of the Sith.


January 12, 2019Destressing Weekend
It was extremely nice to be able to sleep in this morning, as I didn't have any chores or responsibilities. After I woke up, I did end up cleaning for a bit, and then did some studying just in case, but then decided it was too much work. I went in to Detroit Lakes to meet Ben for lunch at Perkins, as we needed to talk about some stuff going on with church, which turned out to be a really nice discussion. Afterwards, on my way home, there was someone broken down on the side of the road, so I stopped to see if they needed any help, but they said they were good. I just messed around all the rest of the afternoon, made dinner for everyone, and then stayed up a little later than usual, but I didn't care because it was worth it.


January 11, 2019Math Final part 2
Today I got up early and went to school, where I had Bible study before. Afterwards, everything went well, again with a lot of studying during the hours leading up to math. In math I had the second part of the final, and it felt like it went a lot better than the first part, so hopefully I got a better grade. When I got home, Dad wanted us all to go for a ski, so we did, which was kinda enjoyable. I felt like I was going to die, but that's okay. We went home and had dinner, which wasn't very good. Afterwards, I played some music on my guitar, and then went to bed.


January 10, 2019Math Final Part 1
Today was a pretty average day. I got up, went to school, and then had all my classes like normal. I didn't do anything except study for math during 4, 5, and 6th hours, and then we took the first part of our math final during 7th hour. It didn't really feel like it went well, at all. Afterwards, I waited for Tevia, and then we went home. There wasn't really anything going on at home, and so after dinner, we went to bed.


January 09, 2019It's Wednesday
We had school this morning, which went as anyone can expect, except with a lot more stress because we found out that we have our math final tomorrow and Friday. I spent a lot of the day studying for that, and then afterwards, I went home. Caleb wasn't sure what they were doing for youth group tonight, but eventually decided on watching a movie, so I decided to stay home and study instead. Eventually everyone got home and we went to bed.


January 08, 2019Back to School
This morning I got up and sadly, I went to school. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but what can you do? School went by pretty quickly, and then afterwards, I came home and played on my computer a bit, and then did some camera stuff with trying to record myself playing piano before going to bed. Very uneventful day.


January 07, 2019Snow Day!
This morning I was really sad because it was Monday, and that meant I would have to get up and do school. I was about to get up because my alarm went off when Dad came downstairs and told me that school had been delayed by 2 hours because of conditions! I was super happy and so I went back to sleep right away. Eventually, I woke up again, and by the time I got upstairs, the roads had gotten bad enough that they decided to completely scrap the entire school idea. I was completely overjoyed, and so I had a pancake for breakfast, and then Tevia and I played Minecraft for about an hour together. I had found a bunch of the journals Dad had written back in 2003 and 2004, so I worked on uploading those to my blog, and then afterwards I had a bit of lunch around 2:30. I brought in some wood, then got on the snowmobile and went over to Grandpa and Nana's for a while where I helped Nana take the ornaments off of the Christmas tree, before coming home and doing some …


January 06, 2019It's Sunday
This morning I had to get up early, but then I was upset because I accidentally didn't have to get up as early as I thought I did. After I got up, I got all my guitar packed up, and took off to church. The service was ok, and then we went home right away as we had Dawson with us. Dawson took a nap while I worked on my computer, and then we had dinner, I Facetimed with Hope for a few hours, and then I practiced the guitar a little and did some video stuff before going to bed. 


January 05, 2019I Love Sleeping In
This morning I was able to sleep in till almost 11. It was the most wonderful beautiful thing I've ever done. I think I should do it more often. After I got up, I had some breakfast, then did some cleaning, and then finally I had to go to work. On the way into town, I saw some fish houses on the lake, and I thought I'd take a picture of one, so I did. Work was not as fun as usual, mostly because we had a weird manager from Fergas Falls helping out because it was the Taco Johns Christmas party for everyone else, and she was kinda mean and treated us like idiots. When I got home, I worked on my computer for awhile, Facetimed with Hope, and then went to bed.


December 04, 2019At Least its the Weekend
This morning Tevia decided that she wanted to ride the bus. What did this mean for me? I had to get up at like 6:30, which is WAYYY to early to get up, no matter what day it is. Once I had gotten up however, I didn't see any reason to stay up, so I had breakfast and then went back to bed until it was time for me to leave for school. I drove the Subaru to school, and everything was fun except for the actually school part of school. Afterwards, I drove home, sat around doing absolutely nothing, and then went to bed. I may have Facetimed with Tristan but I can't remember for sure.


January 03, 2019The Festivities are Over
Today was an amazingly ordinary day. It was our first day back in school, so Tevia and I got up and had breakfast before Dad brought us to school. All my classes went well and were pretty laid back, except for in math where we were informed that we have our finals next Wednesday and Thursday. After school, we rode the bus home, and then once we got home we just hung out until bed. Very boring day.


January 02, 2019New Year, New Hair
This morning I woke up a bit earlier than usual because since we go back to school tomorrow, I figured I should try and get my body ready to have to get up. I had breakfast and got dressed, and then after awhile, I went into Frazee to get my haircut. It turned out my appointment was at 11:30, not 10:30, so I went over to Grandpa and Nana's for awhile and hung out and helped Jana with math, and then I went back into town. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my hair, so she gave me a very different haircut, one that I'm not exactly sure if I like yet or not. Afterward, I went home and had Tevia help me with some filming, and then I did a bunch of video editing on my computer, and then had dinner. After dinner, I did some stuff downstairs and then went to bed. 


January 01, 2019New Year, Same Me
We said goodbye to Jen and Davin last night, so we were just able to sleep in today which was really nice. I eventually got up and wandered around the house doing nothing all day. I eventually did clean my room, but that was about it. I did some video stuff that evening, and then I went to bed.