December 27, 2018

Time to Calm Down

I slept in today, once again, and it was nice because I didn't really feel like getting up. Eventually, I was forced out of bed and I got ready for my day quickly before heading over to Grandpa and Nana's. I brought my electric guitar over, so Jevin and I jammed for awhile before having lunch, and then going outside to make a sled run. After a few failures, and a lot of snow down each others shirts, we decided to come back inside, where I sat downstairs for about 30 minutes on my phone, waiting for everyone to join my Minecraft game, even though they never did. After Davin and Mom got back from the grocery store, we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, as they hope to watch all 8 of the Harry Potter movies before 2019... there are a lot of better things to do in my opinion but ok. After the movie, we had some dinner, and then we cleaned up and played a really fun game called Telestrations. Then, the stress began. We had to drive home, and Dad decided I should drive. In the Subaru. I bottomed out like 4 times, almost went in the ditch like 5 times, and almost died 20 times. It wasn't fun. Finally, I was home, and I went to bed.   

Yea, it's really snowing out.

An owl

Right before it started to get dark, we had around 8 and 1/8 inches of snow.