December 26, 2018

(not so) Little Jeremy's Birthday

This morning, I got up and actually woke up at a decent time, and I was pretty proud of myself. Didn't even need an alarm or anything. We got up, and then Dad dropped us off at Grandpa and Nana's. The girls went ice fishing, and I just stayed at their house and sat on the couch because I'm a boring human being. After awhile, the girls got back, and then Jen & Davin and family showed up, and so we had lots of hugs and saying hello to one another for awhile. Eventually, we had to go home because we were having Jeremy over for dinner. It was his 25th birthday, and so we had him, Sherri, and Dawson all come over for dinner, which I thought was really nice. After dinner, we went back over to Grandpa and Nana's where we all opened presents and then went home and went to bed. 

Everyone happy after opening their presents

Mom enjoyed reading a book Jevin made for Grandpa

Grandpa loved his new socks

Dad was excited about his new jar of oil and paper for cooking fish

Jen was a little less thrilled about her jar of oil

Jeremy came over for a birthday fish dinner

Some cool things I did with one of my Christmas presents