December 25, 2018

Happy Christmas

This morning I was awoken at like 7:30, which was super early for a holiday. I trudged upstairs and we had some amazing pancakes and eggs for breakfast. After breakfast, we cleaned up, and then we had our gift exchange. After all the gifts were opened and all the wrapping paper had been cleaned up, we had a little Christmas concert, and then we got into our snow gear and went out to explore. I went out with Jack and Elias looking for a area that would be suitable for ice skating, and we eventually found one on a beaver dam, about 20 minutes from the house. We went back for lunch, which was an absolutely phenomenal meal with punch and turkey and pickled green tomatoes and stuffing and it was really good. Then, we laid around for awhile, played a game of rook, went outside and played some yard hockey, and then finally after a dinner of leftovers, we packed all our gear and loaded up into the minivan again to trek back to our house. We got home around 8:30, and I was exhausted. 

The boys sang a nice song for us during our Christmas concert

Dad liked his gift

Grandma got a new sweater

The dwindling syrup supply has been refilled

One of my favorite pictures from our trip was the look on Grandpa's face while watching Jack give Grandma a hug

Mom and Dad think that they're some sort of cute couple or something

We love food

Jer admiring his new book on the battle of Gettysburg

Sean feeling confident in his rook hand 

Elias playing with his new toys

The ice sculpture that Jack and Elias made