December 19, 2018

New Roommates

This morning I got up and headed out to school. It went by pretty slowly, but eventually it was over. After school I went home and was chilling, and then I got a call from a friend, asking me if I could watch their hermit crabs while they were on vacation. I said yes of course because I'm a wonderful guy, and so I ran over to their house and picked them up. I brought them home (the hermit crabs) and got them setup in my basement, and then I went into town for our singing at the nursing home time, before going up to the church with Bradly to put all the cookie trays we had sold together. Ben made me fix the wifi at the church first as it had broken, and then afterwards we got around 39 of the 50 needed trays put together. Afterwards, I drove home, but then on the way home, while going through Frazee, apparently I had my headlights off, so the cop pulled me over and I almost died because I was terrified. I eventually made it home, and went to bed.