December 12, 2018

A Different Youth Group

I slept in a good bit today which was so nice and I loved it, and then just made it to school before class started. School was fun and all, and then afterwards, I went home. Dawson was at our house, so I played with him for awhile, and then Jeremy came and picked him up and then Dad left and went to the church for a meeting. Around 6, I took the girls and dropped them off at Harvest Fellowship, and then I went into town and met Hannah and Hope at Caribou where we hung out for awhile, and then we ran to Wal-Mart to grab a gift for the Alliance Youth Group gift exchange that night. We headed over to the church, and youth group was a lot of fun there. It was the Christmas party so it wasn't a normal youth group, and I knew like half the people there because they were from Frazee, but it was still fun. After that, I had to go meet Jeremy at Holiday and give him some gas money, and then I went home and slept really good.