November 30, 2018

Now It's Friday

Today I had Bible study again in the morning, but Mom gave me a ride in because Dad had one of the cars and the other one is in the shop right now. After Bible study, I went to class and everything was fun until I got to math, and found out that I have a test on Monday, and we're not allowed to use calculators because I accidentally showed Bellefeuille how to get the answer for any problem from the calculator we use. Needless to say, I'm not the favorite person in the class any more. Afterwards, I rode the bus home which was a horribly bumpy ride, and then worked on some homework with Mom before laying in bed for awhile. When Dad got home, we went over to the Roisum's for awhile and hung out, then came home and I showered, did a little homework, and went to bed.