November 29, 2018 

It's Thursday!

I went in for Bible Study this morning, and then made it through all my classes, and then after school, I went straight into town. I met Johnna at Caribou coffee and we hung out for awhile, and then we went and picked up Kylie from a job interview for awhile before going to Taco Johns and getting food. We all hung out for a little longer, and then I went inside and changed into my uniform for work. It was super busy, and everything was going horribly and everyone was stressed and a few customers were like cussing everyone out, but I was in drive-thru which is like it's own little world so I got to ignore everything and it was great. After work, I got a taco, and then went home, and realized that I was supposed to pick up Dad after work, so turned around and picked him up from work, and then went home again and went to bed. 

Main Street looking nice and Christmasy