November 28, 2018 

Surprises aren't fun

 This morning I checked my phone on the way to school, and found out that Karen had canceled for leading at youth group tonight, so I called Caleb and we decided I would lead, despite it being my week off. School went well, and we had nachos for lunch which were really good except they didn't have any chocolate milk. After school, I went home and grabbed some stuff, and then I went to drop Jana off at work, ran in to Sue Krause at the YakShak in Frazee while getting a trim, and then I finally made my way over to the church where I got everything setup, then went and picked up Tevia, and then we practiced, with it being only myself, Tevia, and Allison. Youth went well, and then afterwards we went home and I went to bed. 

Pretty much the team running everything (Caleb, Me, Tevia, Allison)