November 27, 2018

Back on Minecraft

This morning I went to school and had Bible study like most mornings, and then I had school. The wifi wasn't working for awhile during 4th hour, so I went and talked to Mr. Jacobson about the possibilities of Microchip implants in the future for awhile, and then I went to lunch. After lunch I finished all my school stuff, and then I went home. Dawson was at our house when I got home, so I said hi to him, did some Biology studying with Mom so that I don't fail my exams, and then I went to work. Work went well, and then afterwards I went and said hi to Matti over at Burger King, and then went home and played Minecraft with one of my friend's 10 year old brothers, and then I went to bed after studying some music theory. 

My Nephew is cuter than your nephew