November 26, 2018

Back in the Grind

Thanksgiving weekend is sadly over and that means going back to school... and even worse, doing all the homework I was supposed to do over the weekend that I didn't. I had breakfast at the Palace Cafe this morning with Caleb, Matti, Zenia, and Codie, and then went up to school and was about 10 seconds late to first hour. After school, I went home and had a snack, and then went in to work to do homework. There had been some sort of emergancy at work with someone being rushed to the ER apparetally, so they asked me to start almost an hour early. I worked until 8, having to do dishes for the first time, while also having to deal with a lot of hangry people. After work, I got a free dinner (up to $10) for coming in early, and then I worked on some homework before going home and finishing my homework. Then I went to bed. 

They put up the Christmas tree in town