November 22, 2018


Mom only let us sleep in till about 8:15 this morning before she made us get up and start cleaning before everyone got here. Around 11am, we finished the cleaning, so Jana, Tevia and I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's in the Subaru and said hi to Davin and Jen & Co. and then Chris and Sarah and Veronica showed up too. After awhile, all the kids piled in my car and we all went back to our house, where Sherri and Dawson and Steven had come over and so we then played with them and then Hazel came over and we had lunch and there was a lot of good food. After eating, we went back over to Grandpa and Nana's for awhile before all the kids went ice skating in Frazee at the rink, and then we came home and had dinner before watching Doctor Strange, and then going back to our house for bed. 

We went skating

Dawson and Steven had a good time

He's getting so big :,)