November 14, 2018 

Big Give Night

 This morning I got up a showered, and then I got ran out by Mom cause she didn't want me to use all the hot water, so then I went back to bed. I eventually got back up, and went to school. School was pretty boring, except for during advisory, instead of just sitting and being bored, I was learning how to do stuff with Robots and Scratch for STEAM day as I'll be teaching in the elementary school. After school, I ran up to our church to borrow a cord, and then went over to Harvest where we started preparing for our Big Give night, aka the last night we were raising money for missions. We got everything set up and then we somehow pulled it off, despite everything that was just waiting to go wrong. Just in Frazee alone, we raised $5,235.69 and in the state of Minnesota, partnered with all the youth groups, we raised $430,228.05 in one night. Afterwards we had pizza and ice cream, and then I brought Jana and Tevia home and went to bed.