November 11, 2018 

Going Home Already... :,(

This morning we had waffles and french toast and sausage for breakfast, and then we went downstairs for a bittersweet final worship service and message for Jason. Afterwards, everyone went upstairs where we took a group picture, and then after lots of hugs and exchanging contact information, we said goodbye. We made it about 5 minutes down the road when we had to turn around and go get Karri's suitcase. Then, about 20 minutes later down the road, we had to turn around again and go get Tristan's suitcase. We eventually made it to Watertown where we stopped for lunch around 1pm, and then they dropped me off at A&W where Mom picked me up and brought me home. I told everyone about my travels, and then went to my basement to get caught up on some work before shaving, showering, and going to bed. 

I don't wanna leave...