November 09, 2018

Being the Hands and Feet

This morning we got up around 8 and went upstairs for breakfast. Afterwards, we had a little time, and then we had worship and our first session, with our speaker, Jason Maupin. Afterwards, we grabbed a bag lunch from upstairs, and then drove into Sioux Falls for our service projects. First we went to a place that was kinda like a homeless shelter, called St. Francis House where we moved a bunch of boxes from inside into a van outside, and then we met up with our other group, and then girls stayed there while us guys left to go work at the Faith Temple Food Giveaway, where we sorted a bunch of food, and then at 4pm, anyone could come in and get food, and we would help them bring it out to their cars. About 300 people showed up, so we were pretty busy, and then we left around 5 to go back to camp for dinner. After dinner, we had our next session and worship time, which was all about taking off our masks and being real. Then, some guys from FaithFront were there doing a documentary and wanted to interview some people about teen spirituality, which I got to participate in along with 3 other people. We also watched the Greatest Showman, and then went to bed around midnight.